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Simple Tips For Writing Good Copy For Your Website

Aug 15, 2008
There's a saying in the web design and search engine optimisation world that says 'content is king'. No matter how nice and feature-rich your site is, if it doesn't read well, it won't achieve the desired result i.e. more business for you.

There are two audiences you're writing the content of the site for - human beings and search engines. The criteria for both are usually very different. This section covers writing for human beings. It's about good sales copy. Copy that will get people to do what you want them to i.e. buy from you, give you a call etc.

Many of the same principles apply, whether writing copy for a letter, brochure or website. The biggest mistake of copywriting is that it doesn't serve the needs and desires of the web audience. This comes down to pinning down your niche market and getting your positioning right.

Here's some specific tips for writing good website copy:

1. Write down all the features and benefits of your product and service
2. List the 5 most important benefits of your product and service for you target market
3. Write down the problems that your product or service helps to solve
4. Write down all the reasons that people might NOT buy from you and then factor this into your guarantee. Another good way of countering these is asking a FAQ or objection in the body of the copy and answering it below.
5. Create some idea headers and sub headers.
6. Think about how you can create a special offer around your product(s) and service(s). This could include a time-limited offer, a free bonus etc.
7. Make it easy to buy - if you use an eCommerce site this should be easy. Alternatively, you could include a freephone number to call (make sure it will be answered straight away) Giving the visitor 2 or 3 options is usually more powerful.
8. Where necessary, use comparisons to show how your product and service is better than the competition (remember your USP)
9. Use testimonials and case studies if possible (these could be online videos or audios for stronger effect)
10. Use 'power words' where applicable in the body of your copy.
11. Create a powerful 'call to action' and then tell the visitor what will happen after they have taken action. Create a picture of the outcomes your client will see, hear and feel. You must touch your potential client's soft spot - that nerve centre that says, "Yes, I want that!"

Remember, the shortcut to success is to learn from successful people.
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