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GeneWize: The Newest MLM Phenomenon!

Aug 15, 2008
You may have heard the acronym "MLM." It stands for "Multi-Level Marketing," a manner of marketing and sales that allows the affiliate to earn from both direct sales. It also creates an avenue for residual income via commissions.

In recent times, MLM has earned a bad reputation, what with so many get-rich-quick schemes that served only to fleece the investors of their money. And yet, so many MLM-based companies that are still standing. Simply because MLM gives the investors and sales partners the motivational incentive to keep going with the investment. But it isn't just that. These MLM companies that have survived actually have GREAT products.

That being said, let us introduce to you GeneWize. Genetic Nutrition is the up-and-coming health breakthrough. It even has a new word coined thanks to the big breakthrough that it offered, "Nutrigenomics." Because of this innovation, companies have caught on the potential of tapping the innovation of Nutrigenomics and created income-pulling systems for themselves. Nutrigenomics is the science of using DNA analysis results to determine the best nutritional plan for the client.

So with the new wave of Nutrigenomics-based companies arising, what sets GeneWize apart? GeneWize Life Sciences is unique because we will not only sign you up with us, we will also help you achieve your own personal success by guiding you through the system.

GeneWize Life Sciences is a new Nutrigenomics company backed by a solid research institution named GeneLink Inc.

Instead of testing a wide array of genes that makes the process more expensive, but is rather redundant (the human genetic code is actually repetitive), GeneWize's LifeMap DNA Assessment zeroes in on 12 major markers which are the most vulnerable in any given human being's genetic makeup.

Capitalizing on this system may well help you break through to abundance! MLM is a great method of income-generation, and with a solid, promising product to back up this excellent compensation system, you'll surely go places!

Let our company help you go places through your GeneWize nutrigenomics success! We give comprehensive tutorials and would help you understand the system and its product even more! Trust us to give you only the best GeneWize and MLM tutorials!
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