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Grunge Website Template in 10 Minutes

Aug 15, 2008
It's hard to compete with a multinational website design company with a team of experienced designers all with degrees in Graphic Design. Well it is if you are trying to create a new site design for another boring multinational website monolith.

But who needs a complex high budget presentation. Who wants to spend days and weeks getting that boring Contact Us page just the right shade of blue?

If you want to recreate a sense of head-banging, crowd-surfing, pogoing, moshing energy filled rock. Then just limit yourself to 10 minutes and just get the energy flowing for an instant from the heart website design.

Also anyone can type "grunge template" into Google and download a supposedly rocking website design. But think about it. Its not going to be original is it. You've got to go for it and do it yourself.

Get inspiration yes but don't just copy. Be original.

You're going to need Photoshop or some design package like the Gimp to do this and a bit of guidance from a tutorial.

But the basic idea is to create a "Custom Brush" that you can use to paint just the right background. Custom Brushes let you paint whatever pattern you want, wherever you want. Just use your imagination to create something a bit rough looking. Then use it on a large section across the top of your website, for example where the header would go.

Then over this header background use the Text tool to write the name of your site or some slogan. Use a good font. I can't recommend one really as its your design. Just go with whatever looks good. Then apply some effects to the text. Perhaps an "Outer Glow" effect set to Blue would look good.

That's the header done. Now mark out some other sections of the template design like a menu and main content area.

You can use Motion Blur on sections of the design again with the colours of your choosing and the odd splash of colour with bold pinks and blues.

The whole point of a Grunge Template is that it will look a little rough around the edges. Remember that memorable is good but unreadable is bad. You mustn't go too far with your artistic feelings as you aren't creating a work of art. You are creating a website design that has to be accessible and have good usability. Make the menu stand out clearly and the content be readable. Black text on a black background isn't going to get you far!

Remember, Don't be a lamestain.

Rock On.
About the Author
Mike Kay is a website designer located in Liverpool, UK. Find out more about grunge website templates at designertuts.com.
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