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Can The Removal Business Survive The Housing Crash

Aug 15, 2008
The removal business is still a relatively small market with only a select few removal companies operating around the country. But the business has had a long and relatively successful history with removal companies operating as early as the 1800's, helping move anything from goods to equipment and even helping people move houses.

In modern day, the removal businesses are normally privately owned and have their own fleet of lorries and vans to be able to move the belongings and furniture from one house to the next. All removal companies will help you move house to anywhere in the UK but there are some that will not help you move abroad, for example France or Germany. This is down to individual businesses as some will and some wont help you move abroad.

Due to rising house prices and the credit crunch fewer people are wanting to move. This is causing a problem for the removal companies as they may not be receiving enough business to stay afloat and may have to improvise to stay in the black. An example of this would be taking a second job while it is quiet with the removal business.

When moving house there are many different types of insurance that you need to take into consideration if you want to cover any damages that may occur during the move. This will allow the move to go a lot smoother as you know that any breakages that do occur will be covered by the insurance so you do not have to pay any money.

The different types of insurance that you can receive include premises insurance. This is where, if the property is damaged in anyway when moving your belongings out of the house by accident, then this insurance will cover you to make sure you do not have to pay for it and the removal company does.

Another one is storage insurance. This is very important if you are moving overseas or moving prematurely out of your house but not in to your new home. This is where the removal company place all of your furniture and belongings in a giant warehouse that will enable the family to leave them in one secure place so they will not have to take them to wherever they are staying before they move into their new home. This allows their furniture and other items to be safe and dry. But in a situation where there is a break in or a fire and the family's items are destroyed or stolen then this insurance will cover it.

Certain removal companies will also allow you to purchase their own packaging material so you won't have to travel anywhere to get boxes and other packaging items to move your belongings. This will also allow a much quicker and easier move as all the equipment you will need will be in one place.

Overall, the removal company market is dipping due to rising house prices and it will continue to dip if the house prices do not drop. This means that it is very hard to make a profit and they have to turn to other things to make money, maybe things like insurance for all purposes during a move and packaging materials to be sold. Without the removal companies many families would find it very difficult to move house and they have helped ease many family's difficult situations.
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Business expert Catherine Harvey looks at the way removal companies are struggling while not so may people are moving house.
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