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Aug 17, 2007
The words Yoga and business seem difficult to connect with each other. However, if you own a Yoga studio, you may be paying for a lease. Moreover, you might also be paying for the insurance, advertising and utilities required by the studio. When considered together these add up to a serious business. Thus, when it comes to business, it does not matter whether you are an independent contractor or the owner of a Yoga studio. In both cases your money is on the line and probably contributing to the savings of your life.

Some of the common questions asked by a lot of Yoga teachers and directors include the effective ways of advertising, handling the marketing work and ways of retaining students. The need of a business plan or a sales letter by a Yoga teacher has also been a common matter of concern. It might be interesting to know that with the ever-increasing popularity of Yoga more Yoga teachers are seeking for professional advice for streamlining the market effectively. After establishing their Yoga business they also want to make it recession proof.

Evolving from a sideline hobby, Yoga business has now moved on to grow to a full time business. Therefore, the demands and expectations of the Yoga students have also increased exponentially. To fulfill these demands and expectations Yoga teachers need to carefully plan and develop the business.

The economic inflow of being just a Yoga teacher may not be quite rewarding while being the owner of a full time business may increase the amount of monthly inflow of money significantly. Once you have become the owner of a Yoga studio, you may need to play multiple roles simultaneously while establishing your business. If you are an established Yoga teacher already, you might want to share your gift and still maintain your own daily routine.

A number of successful Yoga studios, wellness centers and ashrams receive marketing and business advice from the insider source. It is quite surprising to know that Yoga business coaching is not as expensive as it is assumed to be. You may even pay for it on the basis of per session. Ultimately what you learn and save are much more than you pay for it.

The primary objective of Yoga business coaching is to help and guide the owner of a Yoga business become self-sufficient. The Yoga business coach does not just give advice to the business owner but also teaches him to address the priorities of the business and learn the tricks of the trade.

Yoga business owners can go for business coaching services, irrespective of the size of their business. Although most of the established Yoga teachers and studio owners mostly know about the areas where they require help, they might still require some practical advice to guide them.
Yoga business coaching services can be availed of via telephone and emails. Yoga business coaches speak with the clients over the phone and give them assignments or home work to follow up, which might prove to be beneficial in terms of creating revenue streams. By opting for Yoga business and letting your coach handle the market campaigning, website development and preparing the sales letters for your studio coaching services, you may save thousands of dollars. You will also learn effective skills to help and retain your students and clients, along with learning effective ways to take your business to the next level.
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