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How To Create A Blog That Blitzes Your Competition

Aug 15, 2008
We all want to rank well on search engines. But to do so, we need to create a blog that not only ranks well, but is highly optimized for SEO at the same time. This is the missing ingredient so many bloggers chase when they build blogs. The reason being is that not only will a blog become a great income tool once it ranks well and receives a huge input of traffic, but well ranking blogs are positioned perfectly to make a lot of money.

A classical example is the blog called IcanHasCheeseBurger. The creator started the blog with nothing else in mind than having some fun while posting images of cats with funny captions. What happened next is nothing of being a miracle since this blogs started to make thousands of dollars in income every single day. To this day, this very blog is one of the top earners in the blogging market, clocking in more money every month than most people earn over the course of a year.

Not everybody is as lucky as to simply create a blog, see what happens next and then find themselves with a winner at hand. People who start off blogs today often do so with a plan. This is a great idea, since success stories like the one mentioned above don't happen often by accident.

In fact, the higher our competition in a certain market, the smarter we have to market ourselves and our blog in order to stand a fighting chance. Marketing involves all of the following and many more methods. The most popular ways to market is to work toward ranking well in the search engines. This can be achieved with the help of frequent blog updates, back links to your blog, content that actually relates to what your blog is about and links from your blog that are related to your conversations.

Naturally, there is a lot more like social marketing, advertising, commenting on other blogs, etc. As you can see, creating a blog isn't just this straightforward thing you do and then sit back to collect your cheques. Trouble is, most people never even get past the starting line to find out.

But not all is lost and once you finish reading this article you know why. See, most people have no clue hat to do next once they create a blog. They are lost amongst hosting issues, data base challenges and the thousands of plugins, widgets and other goodies we can install on self hosted blogs these days. This is enough to have most bloggers quit eventually. It is simply too hard to rank well, be noticed and receive tons of traffic if we have no idea where to get started.

For some however the dream becomes a reality and their blogs continue to be their number one source of income so they can travel the world and live a life of luxury. These people have recognized that in order to become successful with a blog, they need to utilize the tools that help us get there. They are the ones who create a blog and then blitz their competition.
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Alex Sysoef has managed to blitz his competition and is enjoying his life as a successful Internet marketer and WordPress expert. His latest product Expert WordPress is one of the tools you need to blitz your competition.
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