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Aug 15, 2008
If you are one of the thousands of people who have always considered to create a blog but didn't because you found it too difficult, fear no more. A brand new software has been released that does the job for you in simple, straightforward steps. You don't need to be technically knowledgeable to create a blog with this tool either. As a matter of fact, you could be on the Internet for the first day and still manage to do this.

The tool that will revolutionize the way blogs are built is called Expert WordPress. Expert WordPress is not only a blog install tool to create a blog, but a total intricate system to guide you through the process. Expert WordPress features step by step tutorials on video, documents and other helpful tools to provide you not only with a blog, but one that is highly optimized for the search engines so people can actually find you online.

In fact, Expert WordPress is so easy to use to create a blog that you probably wonder why you didn't discover it before. Fact is, Expert WordPress was only launched at the end of July. Right now, Expert WordPress is the hottest tool available to create a blog from scratch. Not only that, you will also be miles ahead of the competition, because you won't need to search for plugins that help you rank well and neither will you need to tamper with code.

So let's see what differs Expert WordPress from other tools that help you to create a blog. Firstly, it is the only tool that has inbuilt plugins, video support, forums and all the other extras the system provides. While there is nothing wrong with other products who provide similar support, Expert WordPress just goes one mile further. No, make that two miles.

It is a great system for time challenged people on the move. Instead of spending weeks or even months to learn all that geek stuff, you have it all there, ready to utilize. If e are totally honest with ourselves, most people don't have the time to learn intricate details by spending weeks knuckling down traversing the Internet all day and all night long just to learn how everything works.

People want fast results, they want it now, ready to use and with all the trimmings. Expert WordPress is just like that.

Expert WordPress is an all in one solution for new bloggers, business people and those of you who never had the time, nor the will to learn coding and complicated geeky stuff.

It is a known fact that WordPress is the best blogging platform available today by far. WordPress blogs are much easier to rank on Google than traditional websites or other blogging software and this has been proven time and time again by the WordPress community.

Whether you prefer blogging on a free host, create a WordPress site by learning how to do this or use the easiest version of them all is entirely up to you. Expert WordPress isn't for everybody. It needs a dedicated professional or individual who wants to rank well on the search engines to appreciate Expert WordPress.
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Alex Sysoef is the Co-Founder and Creator of the popular Expert WordPress blogging system. His product helps thousands of people to save time and build powerful blogs that dominate the search engines.
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