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Tips and Games for a Moms Only Direct Sales Party

Aug 15, 2008
The secret to succeeding in direct sales is to get a reputation for the best party in town! A good party plan hostess will offer something out of the ordinary each time, and your client base will grow as your friends tell their friends and you start getting requests for invites.

A great way to showcase the products in a makeup or bath product starter kit is to throw an old fashioned spa party for moms you know. This type of direct sales party can be advertised as "NO kids allowed!" Get your husband or another family member to take your own children out of the house for the afternoon, and turn your house into girls only territory.

Then make sure you have some fun and interesting direct sales home party plan games to play! Women love to play games at the home party demonstration.

Clothespin Game
A terrific game at these kinds of home party demonstrations is easy and inexpensive to plan for. All you need is a spring type clothespin for each guest.

Have them clip it on the edge of their skirt hem, lapel or collar. Anyone who says the words "kids", "children" or any form thereof is free game for the nearest woman to grab her clothespin and add it to her own.

Any group of moms is bound to bring up kids every third or fourth sentence, so there should be general scrambling and hilarity as one after another they forget and say the banned words! Of course, the one who ends up with all of the clothespins wins, and gets a prize in the form of a product or coupon. As the party plan hostess, you will probably have to referee - it can get pretty competitive.

Product Raffle
Another great direct sales party trick is to have everyone chip in to buy a ticket at the door. The proceeds can be used to purchase an item which is then put up for a drawing, so one lucky mom goes home with an extra product!

During the home party demonstration, you can of course let a few lucky volunteers test drive your products - and have some more fun at the same time! Stock up before the party on vintage costume accessories such as sunglasses, scarves and hats, and cut some celebrity pics out of a magazine based on your guest's features. Your guests can take turns playing celebrity look alike and the best impersonation wins a prize.

Once you have held a few successful direct sales parties, your reputation as an innovative party plan hostess will get around, and you will find your friends asking when the next one is scheduled! This is a great way to make money and get a chance to connect and have a fun time with other moms all in one afternoon.
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Rayven Perkins is a 7 year direct sales representative. Her site http://www.direct-sales-supplies.com offers game ideas, tips, and hard to find consultant supplies for all distributors in the party plan industry.
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