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Too Many Blog Traffic Strategies, Which One To Use?

Aug 15, 2008
I believe that you have read lots of different blog traffic strategies if you have been blogging for some time. So, which one is the best method? Is it search engine optimization or pay-per-click? Is it the free ones or the paying ones?

The answer is...

It depends on your blog topic. As a blogger, you should choose which traffic strategies fit your blog instead of trying to figure out which one is the best. The magic question you should ask yourself to get the answer is "What visitors I want and where they usually go?"

After testing more than 10 different traffic strategies for my blogs, my results shows me the there are 3 sources of traffic every blogger should get is:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You might already heard SEO. And would probably love to get traffic from Google. However, you are also convinced that it is hard and complicated. Well, blogs have lots of advantages in SEO. Google love blogs because blogs always provide fresh and lots of content. I rank high for many keywords with blogs easily. All you need to do is learn and apply the SEO basics. The first step is to optimize my blog for SEO. Next, I'll start writing original and valuable blog post consistently. Finally, I'll build backlinks by submitting articles and web directories. This is not hard but it takes time to reach. Probably 2-3 months.

2. Blog Commenting

Give valuable comments to other blogs which are related to your blog. The purpose of this is not to get readers to click on your link to your blog. Of course, it will be some bonus traffic. However, the main objective is to make new friends who share the same passion- blogging and talking about the same topic. When you have more blogging friends, all of you could help each other. They could recommend your blog to their readers if you write something good. You can do the same to provide more value to your readers too.

3. Word Of Mouth

Believe it or not, blogs are very powerful at word of mouth. Since the day I've learn about blog, I shared many blogs to all of my friends. I didn't share that for some 'Good Blogger's Practice'. I shared them because I love those blogs. Their content helps me and I think it will help my friends. My friends thank me for sharing with them and I bring traffic to those blogs. If you are interested in people spreading the word for you, always remember this: 'Provide Valuable Content'. Write contents or put up your own video that provide values to others.

4. Article Marketing

This is my favorite. This traffic strategy doesn't takes months. You could start getting traffic from Article Marketing within days. All you need to do is write articles your targeted visitors want to read. Submit those articles you wrote to 5 popular article directories. You could start getting some traffic within a week and automated traffic over years. However, it is important to write a lot and not just few. Another benefit from using article marketing is that you can simply rewrite them in an informal style and post it on your blog. Both articles have similar contents but looks different. With this method, you are able to get traffic and update fresh content for your blog as well.

5. Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is fun and easy to many blogging beginners because all you need to do is chat in an online forum. Register an account and include a link to your blog in your signature. You might get some traffic if you reply often to the members' post. But if you are interested in more traffic, learn to start a new topic. Start an interesting topic with an attractive title. If your topic draws people's attention and replies, people would like to check out your blog to see anything more from you.

These are the 5 traffic strategies I recommend all beginners should start with. Although all of them take time to grow, it will grow into huge traffic streams and it is effortless to maintain.
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Alex Liu is a full-time blogger who used and tested more than 10 different traffic strategies for all his 5 blogs. To grab your list of 103 Blog Traffic Strategies and to receive more tips about free blog traffic, visit http://blogtrafficgeek.com
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