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Other Features You Could Pack Into a USA Reseller Web Hosting Account

Aug 17, 2007
As a reseller, you will probably find your hosting capacities limited by the number of features that are available on the server you are buying space from. But a USA reseller web hosting outfit would have the advantage of having space from state-of-the-art servers at their disposal, with maximum stability and scalability to boot!

More than any other kind of reseller, a USA reseller web hosting account would be able to offer a wide variety of features. As a reseller, you should know which features would draw in more customers, and give them better value for their money. Here are just some of the features you can offer as a reseller:

1. Merchant accounts. This would prove especially useful for people who are into building secure online stores. A more reliable online shopping experience necessitates the inclusion of payment gateways, which would facilitate all financial transactions made online. Without these gateways, transactions may be limited to email exchanges, which are certainly not secure and not recommended for the first-time online store owner!

Getting a merchant account costs a bit extra, so when a reseller offers this option, it is assumed that the customer will shoulder the cost of the merchant account when he or she purchases the web space resellerpackage. Look into the different payment gateways, and see which of the more popular names would prove to be most cost-efficient for you and your customers.

2. Scripting support. Some customers will want to play around with scripts like PHP, ASP, ColdFusion and Javascript. Scripts are needed to make more dynamic webpages, which is why many web hosts make it a point to make their servers support as many scripting languages as possible.

However, some scripting servers do come at a considerable cost, which is why sometimes resellers take it upon themselves to purchase scripting functionality in lieu of the web hosts. This may be quite expensive on your part, but if you're targeting web developers specifically, the returns may be worth it.

3. Webpage templates. If you're targeting first-time owners of webpages who are quite new to HTML and dynamic scripting, you may wish to offer ready-made templates that they could just fill up. Added services like web design, development and database management may be worth paying for if your client wants a one-stop web solution out of his or her reseller.

If you're adept in DHTML and any other scripting language, you could easily make something like this yourself! But as and good USA reseller web hosting vendor knows, good service can always be found online at the right price.
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