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Really Simple Syndication is a Really Simple Internet Marketing Tool

Aug 16, 2008
We keep hearing about these RSS feeds, which means Really Simple Syndication, but so few people really understand their importance as an internet marketing tool or how they play such a significant role in conjunctions with other internet marketing tools. No matter how many internet marketing tools that you are currently using, there are always better ones, faster ones, and more effective ones that come onto the scene. And while you can live without even really understanding some of them, RSS has made the list of vital internet marketing tools among the top rated internet marketers on the information superhighway. Perhaps you should be looking into using them as well.

The basic function of an RSS feed is saving information. It can be easily used on any website for saving updates. If someone enters a website and changes their address for future reference, most often it is an RSS feed that captures that information and maintains it for further reference. Additionally, any time you are seeking updated information, an RSS feed will deliver it to you without any wait time, unlike mailing lists and e-mail updates, these feeds allow for instant communication once they are established. A very simple concept can turn into a pretty significant internet marketing tool for those with just a small amount of savvy and wherewithal.

Any website can make use of these feeds, although the most popular of the potential uses is still linked feeds in campaigns involving e-mail and blogging, or through personal indexing sites. Really simple syndication is very easily linked to the necessary (and free to download) aggregator to help in the reading process. All of this specialized technology allows you to communicate and maintain instant updates that plug into everything to help your business grow and allow you to keep yourself in the top of loop. This access to instant information may seem inconsequential, however for those with hefty competition, timing can prove to be everything.

Aggregators are fabulous tools for maintaining your feeds and accepting only the information that is vital to you and your needs. In fact, you can maintain information indefinitely or you can opt out of a feed at any time. Since most websites have an obvious link for all feed, establishing the connection is just as easy as dropping a connection when you move onto other things. This is so much simpler than trying to unsubscribe from a stubborn e-mail list. RSS feeds eliminate the need for e-mail lists and frustrating opt in and opt out plans.

The aggregator provides you with a multitude of services all in one neat little package. In fact, you can view a message once and then opt to have all previously viewed information hidden unless you call it back up, all of your similar RSS feeds can be combined into one view page and of course, special options are becoming more and more popular as the feeds grow in demand.

An aggregator can also help simplify the issue of choosing your format. The aggregator is sort of like an interpreter, something that can read through the wide variety of possible factors and report to you the information you are seeking. This is also true in reverse when you are sending out the information and using it as an internet marketing tool. This also eliminates the endless hours of attempting to determine for yourself which format is suitable and why. The aggregator can simply provide you with interpretations that make format selection a much simpler process.

RSS feeds seem like they are very handy for users, but of course you're probably wondering what benefit does the RSS feed bring to you as a simple internet marketing tool. In a word; visibility. Traffic doesn't flow to your site just because you put a site out there. All websites need a certain level of visibility in order to remain competitive. As an internet marketing tool, an RSS feed provides you with a higher level of visibility, and in fact, can help by pass the struggle for a top slot on a Google search page. Users on the other end can be delivered your information without having to bother with a Google search or even explore the great big internet to find you. Rather, it's like delivering your information right to them without dealing with spam and without having to wait to be asked. They connected to you somewhere, so you aren't inflicting unwanted information upon them. As an internet marketing tool, this can be invaluable and incredibly simple. Even if you don't completely understand RSS feeds, getting your feet wet with one can help you learn the process and understand how it can be a highly effective internet marketing tool.
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