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Children Make Working At Home Difficult

Aug 16, 2008
Many people would like to be able to work from home now days as it gives them the opportunity to spend more time with the family and their children. Technology and the Internet has made it so that working at home either full time or part time is now a reality for many people. One thing you might not have thought about though, is how your work will be affected by being at home and around your children.

Most people are used to going to work and perhaps sitting in silence in their cubicle or office. The only noise they have to deal with is annoying co-workers and perhaps their boss looking over their shoulder. If they have to get work finished, they are in an environment that is conducive to that.

Working at home is a completely different ballgame especially if children are involved. There are many different kinds of work at home situations of course, ranging from running your own call center to one where you are truly self employed and answer to know one. No matter what type of situation you have or want, finding time to work undisturbed may be more of a challenge than you anticipated.

If you have teenagers they probably will not bother you too much as they will be at school all day and they don't typically want to hang out with their parents anyway. If all you have are teenagers in the house, working from home may be a possibility for you.

The younger your children are however, the harder it will be for you to find the uninterrupted silence you might need to be productive. Parents of children that are in school some or most of the day will at least have that time to perform their work duties but before and after the children are at school, it will be very difficult. They will constantly be challenged to figure out how to get their job done and at the same time pay attention to their children who will be very demanding when they are at home.

Parents of children 5 and under may just have to give up or put the children in daycare even if they want to work at home. Children under 5 need constant attention and make it very difficult to put aside any quite time to perform a job. Nap time would be the only real time that work may be possible and that is usually not for more than an hour or two a day.

Working from home is a dream for many but once they are able to fulfill that dream they find unforeseen obstacles. Children are just one of the things that can end up being very distraction and make home jobs more difficult than you originally planned.
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