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An Easy Way To Increase Referrals

Aug 16, 2008
In this era of instant gratification and "what's in it for me?" everyone thinks they're a winner who deserves special treatment. So website owners have to work hard to ensure their referral programs rise above the others.

Here's why your referral program may not be working...

Website owners must work extremely hard to convince their visitors to invite their friends. The average person hardly has enough time for him or herself.

Unless you are dangling a pretty good incentive out there that pushes your customers' instant gratification button, guess what? You're going to find that many of your otherwise loyal buyers aren't going to take time to contact their circle of friends and help you make a sale.

There are a variety of incentives...

Let's face it, everybody likes money. However, offering cash in exchange for referrals may not be your best option. Most people feel uneasy about making money from their friends.

Use Automatic Redirect To Instantly Reward Visitors

Imagine this scenario, somebody arrives at your website, they invite their friends, and you instantly gift them.

You need to instantly reward your visitors. Your visitor tells his friends about your website, and boom, he is immediately rewarded for his efforts.

This must be done automatically, by setting up your viral marketing campaign, and never having to worry about it again.

Now imagine, a program so amazing, that it persuaded those visiting your website, to import their entire web mail account, and tell all their friends about your online business

Think about this way, if Myspace is using this technique, you should too. You need to add your own address book importer so your visitors can easily invite people to your site.
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Vincent Newton is the creator of Friend Inviter, a powerful tell a friend html script that can increase targeted traffic to any online business.
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