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Saving Money on Web Hosting

Aug 16, 2008
It is increasingly fashionable to host a website and this is true for businesses or individuals. Many new web site business owners have many other areas to budget for and this means that the amount of money they have to spend on web hosting is limited. Similarly, the individual may not want to spend too much money for a service where they do not require a lot of space or features. This has led to the creation of startup packages with these consumers in mind.

If you need to keep your expenditure low, there are a number of options open for web hosting. There will be drawbacks and limitations of these services but they will come in a much more reasonable price.

Using a shared web hosting facility

Understanding shared web hosting. A shared web host provider is an option for small companies or individuals to have their site hosted at a reasonable price. This is due to the fact that a number of websites will be hosted in the same server, which provides an economic boost to all the sites as they can share the cost of the server between them.

Those running a small or medium sized company looking for an affordable web hosting can opt for the shared web hosting service. In a shared web hosting a number of people share the same web server but each website has its own place on the server which separates it from the other sites on the server. Sharing your business web hosting is probably the most economical decision you can make for your business.

If you choose a shared business web site hosting service you often get a package of things at a low price. For example are the several e-mail accounts often offered which is perfect for small and medium sized companies. It thus provides a great opportunity to easily put up a great business site.

The shared web hosting system however has some disadvantages. It is true that you can save lots of money by opting for this package but it is necessary that you know about the limitations that you may have to face in the long run:

* There is no facility to have a secure website (HTTPS) and this is because name-based virtual hosts are unable to do this because they share the same IP address and digital certificate.

If the Domain Name System is not functioning properly, it is tough to use a name-based virtually-hosted website.

* There is a lack of functionality with browsers that are unable to process the hostname as part of the request. This is shown in the example of incompatibility between the previous HTTP/1.0 model and the newer HTTP/1.1 model. This is due to a lack of host field feature on the old model.

Web Hosting for a cheap price is possible

Many more people want an online presence but they do not need a lot of disk space or bandwidth. This allows them to have their own individual home page that contains private details about them. As they do not require much else, it is possible to have their goals met for a very low cost.

It is possible to have good service from a cheap web host provider and this can be shown by the following firms who offer good web hosting for a price less than $10:

* IX webhosting

* Hostgator

* GoDaddy

* BlueHost

* Dot5Hosting

* Lunarpages

* GoDaddy

* Lunarpages

* IXwebhosting

* BlueHost

Hosting your web site on a budget

Budget web hosting is one of the most popular types of web hosting since it doesn't require a lot of investments and thus helps in saving money. It however provides with top-quality services and options. There are many Web Hosts, which offer budget hosting. If you want to save money and yet get good quality service then budget hosting is what you require.

Web Hosting for free:

Understanding the free Web Hosting service. Free web hosting is made possible by having adverts on your site and being offered a reduced number of functions. Many sites claim to offer free web hosting and their provision is perfect for people who do not want to spend money on their website and do not require many features. These free hosts are usually catered for on a subdomain or perhaps a directory. The features that are found on a free web host include:

* A web based control panel

* Being able to use scripting languages like Perl, PHP or ASP

* When they are domain or subdomain hosted, free email accounts

* File transfer via FTP

* Relational databases such as MySQL

* Scheduled processes

* Have no data limitations offering unlimited space

* Forums and community resources not typical of paid hosts

* Reward systems which provide extra free products and services

You may find these sites offering the basic package as a free trial and then have the ability to enhance the service by paying more. This allows the customer to get a feel for the site and they have the ability to upgrade if they require doing so. As in all walks of life, free web hosting has positive and negative points. There is no fee involved but the site may not always be available when the client needs it. There are a number of free host providers and they include Forward Host, AXSpace, X10 Hosting, Free Space, Trap 17,Gigacities, Free Web Hosting and Free Domain Site. If that is not enough choice thee is also Free Webhosting Pro and Agility Hoster.

Limitations of Free Web Hosting:

The size of each hosted file is limited

* A greatly reduced bandwidth size per month compared to paid for sites

* It is not possible to hotlink files

It has File type restrictions (for example MPEG, MP3, ZIP etc.)

There is enforced placement of the Webhosts' Banner or Popup ads into all web pages

There is no uptime guarantee provided

All said and done, free Web Hosting services are very affordable and cost-effective if you are going to host your own home page. It saves you the investment. Free web hosting service is also the perfect choice for those who are planning to start self owned online project.
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