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Aug 16, 2008
Do you believe that you can generate hundreds or even thousands of money by just writing some creative reviews? Do you know that the number of words counted in your articles will help you to get more and more money?

Through reviewstream, you can earn your extra money by just writing and submitting your own reviews about any business/products/websites. Reviewstream is a place where you can share the articles which are written according to your thoughts. In order to get and earn your extra income from reviewstream, there are varieties of ways which can be done.

Firstly, in order to double your income, write as many reviews as you can. With the concept of writing review on anything, reviewstream will pay you for the reviews which are being written. You can make your own review on any products, such as books, movies, or any product that you like.

Reviewstream offers two types of payment rate. If you want to be paid according to 'bulk rate', you will be paid a minimum of 30 cents for each article being submitted. In 'bulk rate', reviewstream does not consider the quality of your articles. The rule is simple. You just need to write about 150 words article and make sure it is genuine. Genuine here means you have to do it by yourself without plagiarising.

According to the articles which are submitted through 'bulk rate' option, you need to be more specific and give the complete particulars about the information included in your topics. For instance, you have to give the exact location of a place being mentioned or the place you get the information from. That is why you have to be specific rather than general. In addition, if your articles are being read or viewed by visitors at reviewstream, you will be paid a cent for each view.

Apart from that 'bulk rate' option, you can also choose 'self-editor' option on reviewstream. According to this option, your reviews will be viewed regularly by visitors of reviewstream. You will be paid 20 cents for each article and you are allowed to post a big number of reviews. The reviews are unlimited and you can write any no if reviews each day. After two or three days, your articles will be published on reviewstream. In order to write more and more articles with varieties of topics, you can choose and brainstorm your mind by starting to write the topic which you like the most. By doing this, you will have countless of ideas to be included in your review articles.

Furthermore, by submitting your own articles on reviewstream, more cash can be earned if your articles are voted the most by the viewers. The rate of each view by the visitor is $1.50 per view. If your articles being viewed by thousands of viewers each day, can you imagine how many cash you can get? Indeed, generating money through the internet is easy and you should grab the opportunity now. Indeed, reviewstream is a reliable alternative for you to earn some extra money.
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