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Being healthy is beautiful

Aug 16, 2008
It boggles my mind how modeling started of and became a giant business. I mean here we human beings judging other human beings on how they are suppose to look like as human beings? Is it just me or does that sound extremely disturbing. Yes beauty is everywhere in nature and we should celebrate it in all shapes and form but are we all suppose to look the same way?

What really bothers me is when women start loosing too much weight. When you read these magazines and see the pictures of what is considered beautiful, it's usually the really skinny look or the really fat look. It's like they are promoting that if you don't look like a model, you are better off being a big beautiful women. What happened to the happy medium?

Yes I understand that women were a little bigger or shall we say more curvier back than, but being thin as a stick like girls we have today is not attractive at all. Plus is it just me or models actually look incredibly different when they are not modeling. By different I mean almost 'ugly'. Keep in mind, I am just referring to the face. I've found out that the industry only cares about how you look when they take the picture and that is it.

As women, you need to start taking control of what is going on in your life. You can start by eating a healthy diet. No matter how you look right now or how that model in that degrading magazine does, you get on a good eating plan. Let me make it easier for you, much much much easier, simply start drinking plenty of water. Within a week you'll see that you are not only dropping pounds but looking great too.

If it's not healthy it's not worth doing that is the rule of thumb that I live by. Don't let others dictate what you should be doing or not doing. Your body is a gift and take care of it. It will make you do anything you want just make sure it's functional and working properly. Fuel your body the right way and it will all be fine. So be happy, be alive and eat right. You are a very unique and beautiful individual and deserve the very best.
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Shelly Hannah enjoys promoting healthy choices in women's lives and also is a smoker of La Gloria cubana tainos cigars and Por Larranaga Robusto Ediciones Regionales Asia Pacific 2007 cigar
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