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We can't forget Tupac

Aug 16, 2008
You can't deny Tupac Shakur and his amazing influence on millions and millions of fans all across the globe. Tupac was definitely a character but his positives out weigh the negatives by leaps and bound. Tupac called him self the product of his environment and often said that if he did wrong, it's because that is just the way he was raised, it's not his fault. Tupac has had many amazing things done to him and has done some amazing things to others in the process.

Tupac came from humble beginnings when racism was more apparent in the United States. His mother was in fact a black panther so he knew all about struggling as a black individual in America. That is also very apparent in his music and in the poetry that he has written overall. Tupac Shakur was definitely a might influential character of our times and in music in general.

One of the few characters ever in the music business who's influence is undeniable. Since his first album, people simply fell in love with Tupac. The honesty in his lyrics and everything else just did it for him. People loved the fact that someone was actually talking about real 'black' problems and coming from a young educated man only meant that it was even more pleasing.

By working side by side with the legendary producer Dr. Dre, Tupac was now unstoppable. He also was working with Snoop Dogg and the Death Row Records team and they were basically running the rap game. Nothing seemed to stop Tupac or anyone on his team and he was ready to take it to the next level. Tupac was growing like crazy and he was having the time of his life doing it.

Tupac will sure be missed as he was murdered at a very young age. However, he has accomplished more in his life than most of us ever will. Tupac's story tells me that their is a time for everything and we must take advantage of the time we had by using our talents and putting them to work. If we don't our time might just run out and we'll be nothing but dust in the wind. Thanks for everything Tupac, you will be missed.
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