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Aug 16, 2008
If you are taking the step into heading onto the World Wide Web for the first time, hosting a website for a business or perhaps you wish to impart your knowledge with the world, there are many things to be aware of. The World Wide Web has seen a huge surge in demand in recent years and it is impossible to contemplate running a business without having an online presence. There are so many things that a firm must have in place when they try to develop a new business and they include the infrastructure, sales and promotional and marketing activities. It is quite common for a new firm to have an extremely tight budget and this forces a firm to create and hot their own websites that provide value for money and great efficiency.

Website of a company plays a major role in creating awareness among the customers, making the presence of the company felt in the competitive market, getting traffic and creating a niche in the web world. If your business is Internet-based then your first priority becomes to host your website in the web world.

There are many web hosting companies that offer special packages for the startups. The web hosting packages offered by them are designed keeping in mind the requirements of a new business and of those wanting to share knowledge. The SEO experts of these companies are specially to provide you with potentially strong techniques to drive traffic into your website

Steps for Web Hosting for startups:

It can be a little tricky to host a website for the first time. Following some of the basic steps that are listed here will enable any new user to make the best decision about what web hosting company is best for them and their needs:

First browse the internet and ask for the free quotes from the various Web Hosting companies offering Web Hosting services for the startups.

* Choose the one that best meets your budget and your requirements. Undertake a full search of what they offer, what their background is and if there are any other features. Compare this to some of the other sites you have seen.

Apply online - fill up the online form and provide it with all the required information like Name, Address, Country, Credit Card details etc.

* Wait for approval from the firm which may take a number of days.

As soon as the application is approved and a hosting account created, one can successfully host a website on the web.

What does a Web Hosting startup package consist of?

There is a growing number of firms who provide startup packages with the new website owners in mind. These new owners may be businesses or they may bloggers. The new owners don't usually have high demands or expectations but they also usually have a limited budget. These are the key factors that the web hosting companies keep in mind when they offer startup packages.

What should be in the typical Startup package provide by Web Hosts:

Although each firm will offer their own individual package the following issues will be common amongst many providers:

Web Management system - This includes a minimum of 20MB - 50MB disk storage space, at least 10GB monthly data transfer, full FTP Access and Anonymous FTP, Static IP Address and Secure Server (SSL) Transaction Encryption .

* Email Features - Every web hosting package should feature email facilities. The majority of packages for startup firms have roughly 10 email accounts, which are commonly POP/Web accounts. There should also be the facility for email aliases and forwarding, the opportunity to have PGP Email Encryption, Personal SMTP Mail Server and lastly be equipped to provide an auto response facility within the email.

* E-Commerce - If you are looking to provide a shopping facility on your site, the following features will be vital. Having Password Protected Directories and Service Side Includes (SSI) can make your life much easier. As can having access to PHP4 Server-side Scripting and SSH-Secure Shell.

* Technical Support - The vast majority of web host ompanies offer around the clock 24 hour ticket support for any troubles, in addition to guaranteeing uptime for 99.9% of the year.

* Website Monitoring - To monitor the activity of your website, many firms offer Daily Data Backups, access to downloadable Raw Access Logs and the use of Wusage 7.0 Graphical Statistics.

* Additional Software - Other software that may make up the package can include the ability to have a web based control panel and an extended level of support for FrontPage Extensions.

Hardware & Network - Many of the startup packages include Dual- 1 Ghz Pentium IV Servers, Custom Red Hat Server OS, Apache Server Software, 10-T1, 5-DS3, and 1-OC3 Network Connectivity and Uninterruptible Power

Advanced Features - Many of the startup package these days come with the advanced features which includes CGI Bin, Custom MIME Types, Unix Shells: bash, csh, tsh, Perl, C, C++, Java JDK, Python & TCL Compilers, Emacs 20.4, Pine, vi, elm, Joe, Pico & Cron Tab, .htaccess, Custom Error Documents and 30-day Money Back Service Guarantee.

Important tips for the Startups:

Before embarking on anything new, people should be aware of what goals they want to achieve and this is true for those starting a new business and who are looking to create a website. There is only the possibility to store and archive so much on their website so people must be aware of what they want to do in advance. Having a pre-advances clarification of their aims is vitally important to anyone looking to create a website. The following tips will be able to help someone focus their mind on what they want their website to do.

* Many visitors to websites have short attention spans so the start-up website needs to be attractive and able to grab peoples attention very quickly. Thinking about what will bring people to the website will help the owner make the website more attractive to visitors.

* The benefits that search engine factors and taking advantage of usual SEO guidelines will work well with the existing website content to make the site more popular, so it is important to use SEO.

* You should have an idea of how you want your site, company or products to be promoted on the internet.

The website must be search engine friendly but also ensure that it is interactive and engages the user into the contents of the website.

* Think of how many other sites are starting up just now. You need to ensure your firm stands out from the rest of them.

Do not go for shared web hosting services as it has no performance guarantees.

* Make sure the web host company is able to offer speedy connections.

Find out whether or not they have a back-up system in place to protect your data in case there is a power outage

Test the customer support service

* If you need a secure server for order processing, ensure this is offered by your firm. Also enquire if they have an online Web Site Manager or do they provide an online support manual.

There are many problems that need to be overcome when creating a new website. To enable growth and bring traffic to the site, there is a need to undertake search engine optimization and undertake a level of structuring on your website. This is why many people are seeking the assistance from professional Web hosts who fully understand the needs and requirements of the startup websites and what services will be of most benefit to them.
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