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Forum Police and the Owners Who Love Them

Aug 16, 2008
A healthy online forum can be a great way to channel the interests of others into a revenue stream as part of your online business.

It seems that no matter where you go online you can find a forum that matches a personal interest or passion. Within that forum you will find others that share that interest. You may disagree with them from time to time, but there can be a feeling of belonging when an individual finds a forum that matches a common pursuit.

As a business owner that also manages a forum you can point visitors to your online site, but you can also work with a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising site to maximize earnings potential for your forum.

Sometimes a forum takes on a life of its own. Some forum owners have trouble when the forum gets too large because they feel as if all they are doing is moderating discussions and enforcing rules. The attention required seems overwhelming and detrimental to the health of the overall business.

It is possible to move away from personal moderation by enlisting the help of motivated members who have an interest in the success of the forum.

I've even seen some forums where members apply to become volunteer moderators and express a willingness to give 3-8 hours a day to the success of the forum - all at no cost to the owner. They become the police force and guardians of the tradition you've established for the forum. They should also be able to contact you about any questions they may have about situations that develop. You move into the role of forum consultant.

Those who can help you are motivated individuals that can develop a secure long-term success for your forum. Use their volunteerism wisely and never fail to express your gratitude.

You can develop a revenue stream by accepting both banner ads and PPC ads for every page of your forum. This does mean that visitors will leave to explore other places, but when they do it also brings revenue back to you.

The larger your forum the better returns you will see with this type of advertising. As a forum grows so do associated costs. Allowing advertising on your forum may be the best way to not only pay for the growth, but also add some extra money to the bottom line.

Forums remain a positive way for businesses to allow consumers to interact with each other about either the primary business or the industry the business represents.

The good news is the management of the site and the funds to pay for it do not need to be funded entirely by your business. With the acceptance of advertising and member help you have the greatest potential for offsetting costs.

It is natural for successful forum owners to become so overwhelmed with their success they ultimately decide to close down the forum simply because it demands too much attention. As you can see from this article there are alternatives that can allow you to continue to succeed with minimal input and the potential for a direct and indirect return on your investment.
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