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Tumble Your Way Into Your Customers Hearts With Personalised Tumblers

Aug 16, 2008
Branded Tumblers with your company logo and name on them can be a winner when it is time for your marketing team to plan yet another marketing campaign in the never ending cycle of promoting your business if the approach of branded tumblers that have been turned into personalised tumblers, is used. This means having your company logo or business name on one side of the tumbler and the customers name on the other side.

Depending on the target market, you could decide that you would like to go for branded tumblers or personalised tumblers that are made from plastic and that can be presented to your customers in the form of a gift set of picnic tumblers. An ideal promotional strategy when presenting your valued customers with their gift is to let the customers know that they were specifically designed for use as picnic tumblers and to then suggest that your customers keeps them in their picnic basket so that next time, they are out and about having a picnic, it will be your company's branded tumblers that will be on display.

The idea of any successful marketing campaign is to ensure that repeated exposure is gained through every gift that is chosen to present to customers, and with branded tumblers it can be guaranteed that if they are kept in the customers picnic basket, that will be the case.

Perhaps you are thinking that you would like your marketing team to design a more sophisticated campaign, in which case it may be that a set of fine crystal water tumblers will be more appropriate. Once again it will depend on your target market, but fine etching can be used on the branded tumblers, creating a very elegant look that is delicate and at the same time effective and subtle, in the way that your business will be consistently advertised to all that drink from the branded tumblers. Such a beautiful gift will be sure to cause comments and questions as to where your customer got the branded tumblers from.

If the business is planning a marketing campaign with a more focused approach on personalising the campaign, then personalized tumblers may be the answer. They could be branded tumblers with the logo on one side and the customers name on the other. Sturdy plastic could be used with the design incorporating a lid as well, so that hot or cold beverages can be consumed.

Personalised tumblers are always appreciated because it shows the customers who received the personalised tumblers that thought went into the gift and that they are special. This is likely to make those particular customers use the personalised tumblers repeatedly and to think each time of your company because of the way they felt when they were given their personalised tumblers.

Personalised tumblers also convey a feeling of ownership to the customer and this can create a strong common bond between your company and that customer, increasing the likelihood of continued business relations continuing well into the future.

Sometimes something as simple as a branded tumblers which has been presented to a customer in such a way that you have made it a personalised tumbler, can have far reaching consequences that lead to increased growth, productivity and moral which evidently will lead to increased expenditure so that the end result is exactly what your marketing team had planned for.

Increased revenue into the business, which when offset against the small cost of having personalised tumblers made for the customers benefits still amounts to a tidy profit being made whilst business continues to boom.
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Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Tumblers and other Promotional Products at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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