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Why Instant Commission Payments Will Help You Make More Money From Home?

Aug 16, 2008
Right now I am reading Mike Filsaime's 7 Figure Secrets as well as his Butterfly Marketing manuscript. Somewhere in the manuscript Mike makes a very interesting point that also makes a lot of sense to me. See if you agree with him on this. If you are desperately looking for a way to earn more money from home, I have very little doubt that you will agree.

In discussing the time-table for paying commission to affiliates, he makes the point that immediate commission payments using split payment software, get affiliates very excited, and help the affiliate program owner make more money. For budding affiliate marketers, this is very exciting news. When you are looking around for an affiliate program, sometimes what you need most is not a large affiliate commission check, but immediate commission payments, even if the cheques are smaller.

This might sound silly but it makes a lot of sense to me. Bear with me on this. Think of a project that you want to start, but you are short of cash. You need money for out-sourcing and such but your affiliate checks take a while to get to you, especially if you do not live in the USA or Canada. You can quickly make more money from home by joining an affiliate program that has split payments via PayPal or other merchant payment system.

You will not only get your money faster, but you will feel better about doing business with that affiliate program manager as well. If you are promoting a program such as Instant buzz, and your referral upgrades to the one-time offer, you will get your cut of the commission immediately! That is good for any affiliate marketer. Do that a few times and viola! You now have the cash flow you need to complete your other cash-producing projects and increase your take home cheques over time.

This is good news for affiliates, and very encouraging. But how will an instant split-payment affiliate program help the business owner to make more money? For the owner, there is evidence that by paying an affiliate immediately, there is a certain amount of momentum and enthusiasm that builds up. Each party can earn more money from the comfort of home with this simple technique.

It makes perfect sense. If you are getting paid immediately for making an affiliate sale, you will be more encouraged to send out follow-up emails or buy ads. In any case, the owner of the affiliate program will benefit as from the reduced administrative hassle too. This really becomes a win-win for all concerned.

So, the next time you are out looking for an affiliate program, you may want to check around to see which program owner offers instant payment of commissions to affiliates. After all, no affiliate program commission system can be compared with "Instant Payment". Need to earn more money from home? Tap into instant payment systems. Getting paid immediately for every sale is a dream come true for affiliate marketers.
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