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Five Things to Avoid When Selling on eBay

Aug 17, 2008
eBay is a terrific venue for buyers and sellers to get together and do business. However, it can be a bit difficult for beginning sellers to have a lot of success. Perhaps it's difficult to get bids on your items, or you are not getting prices as high as those fetched by similar products.

The odds are that if youe listings aren't getting the results you'd hoped for, you can help your listings through some simple steps. When selling on eBay, here are five things you should avoid:

1. Misspellings - Misspelling the item you are trying to sell makes it much harder for buyers to find it. If a potential buyer does manage to find your item, they may be the only one: meaning you will receive a very low price for the item.

Other than being much harder to find using the search function on eBay, it makes you look unprofessional. Many buyers are less willing to fork over their money to someone who didn't even proofread their posting. If you're not much of a speller, have someone else look over your listings. You can always use your word processing software to spell check your listing then copy and paste it into that program.

2. Not Using Keywords - Keywords are one way in which buyers can search for your product. Use whatever terms you think may be relevant to your item. This will help your buyers find it.

3. Bad Photos - Since potential buyers can't look at your item up close as they could at a store, you should make sure to have the best product image that you can.

Ensure that any photos that you use are clear and sharp, giving as much detail as needed to get a good idea of the item. Multiple photos (from different angles) are a good idea here. Take a look at photos for items which have received a lot of bids - try to emulate these.

4. Reserves - This is the lowest amount which you will sell the item for. This price is not displayed to buyers - this can be frustrating to buyers. If a buyer bids too low, all that they will be told is that they have not met the reserve price.

A lot of sellers do like to use reserves to ensure that they will be able to sell their product at a price which is acceptable to them. In these cases, it would be advisable to disclose the reserve price in the body of your listing.

5. Incorrect Categorization - Always list your product in the correct category. More so than anything else, buyers will tend to browse within categories when searching for products. If you are unsure which category your item belongs in, search for similar ones and place it in the same category.

Just try these simple tips when you make a listing on eBay. It will difinitely help the salesability of your listed item.
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