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Virtually Assured of Success

Aug 17, 2007
Taking advantage of a home business opportunity can also mean giving up a rock solid biweekly pay check for the hope that your new idea will succeed and make you rich - before you starve. If you don't want to take this risk, really want to venture out on your own, but can't afford franchise fees consider working for a virtual call center.

If you like talking on the phone, are fairly computer proficient, a fast typist, and self-motivated you can set up your own home office with a computer and a good phone system. Virtual call centers contract out to client firms for phone services such as customer service, inside sales, collections and technical support. With some virtual call centers you are hired as an employee while others provide a home business opportunity with you working as a contract employee.

These virtual call centers generally let you determine your hours week to week, requiring a standard minimum commitment of a low 10 hours per week. The good ones train well, pay well and often and provide you plenty of work with reputable firms.

A home business opportunity as a virtual call center representative may have you working for one, two, three or four different clients - companies as well known and reputable as AAA, 1-800-Flowers, and several telephone carriers. With a good virtual call center firm you'll have the benefits of a home business opportunity where you are your own boss while you can be secure in the knowledge that the firm and its clients are solid, well-established and varied enough to give you security, variety and a good living.

An income of $10-$15 per hour is fairly standard for virtual call center reps. It may not be a get rich scheme or even especially attractive as a lucrative home business opportunity but it is safe and flexible and, with the right choice of firm, can be depended on for a secure regular income. If you're trying to build your own home business opportunity you might consider a virtual call center position to pay the bills while you grow your own firm.

Typically you'll go through an online application followed by a phone interview. What's next is a thorough online technical test. You won't need to be a computer programmer but you'll usually have to demonstrate enough proficiency to troubleshoot minor computer problems and work your way through the various online fields at a steady enough pace to carry on a comfortable conversation with the customer while you do so.

Once you've passed that part of the test you'll go through training. Some firms offer training over the phone while others bring you in to the home office to train with other virtual call center reps. Generally if you are hired as a contractor you'll be paying your transportation and lodging. You'll also be responsible for the purchase of any home office supplies or equipment, such as computer hardware, the software to get your home business opportunity started, and your phone and headset. You'll need to have a business license and some firms require you to incorporate your home business opportunity.
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