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Finding Voice Over Scripts For Talent Interviews

Aug 17, 2008
If you're considering hiring voice over talent for an upcoming project, you'll need to schedule an interview, review demo tapes, and request a sample script reading from potential applicants. Voice over scripts make it easier to find just the right match for your business, and can make the interview process much more valuable. Think of the script as a sample of work your applicants can produce for you.

There isn't a hard and fast rule as to how long you should give your applicants to rehearse the sample script. In most cases, an hour or two should be sufficient. This is because this type of reading is most commonly conducted in a studio setting, in which the applicant is free to read off of the script. Once the actor or actress has had time to familiarize him or herself with the script and practice lines, he or she should be ready to perform a reading.

The general demographic group that you are targeting will be the chief determining factor in the style and tone of the sample script you ultimately choose. Deciding in advance as to what vocal styles will be appropriate for your target market is important for the efficiency of the hiring process, as you will otherwise find yourself performing excessive numbers of interviews with applicants who are not right for the job.

Regardless of exactly what it is that you're marketing, you're going to need several different scripts in order to judge the nature of a particular actor or actress's talents. Think about what your company is trying to produce. Are you looking to create an informal, humorous advertisement, and therefore seeking a voice that will make your audience laugh? Are you trying to create an air of journalistic integrity, necessitating a more authoritative-sounding voice? The tone that you ultimately want in your finished product will serve as the basis for your sample script.

Finding voice over scripts is easy with a simple search online. Many script databases are available free of charge, and give you a chance to search by keyword, theme, or subject. Look for scripts that are similar in scope to your field, or pick something that challenges the applicant to try different styles and themes. Many voice over script collections are royalty-free, affordable, and from trusted sites and projects. These can also be a great resource for developing and adapting your own scripts, and give you some more ideas for making different types of scripts with your key goals in mind.

The final step involves completing a demo script. Demo scripts need to be recorded so you can review them side by side with the entire applicant pool; it's important to capture at least two to three different scripts per applicant that demonstrate the talent's ability to be flexible, and gauge their comfort level with various styles. Demos can be recorded in your own recording studio, or requested as part of the initial application.
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About the Author: Terry Daniel is a Professional Voice Over Artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Has Been Providing the Voice Talent for Dozens of Companies and Agencies Since 1991.
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