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Finding Cheap Web Hosting

Aug 17, 2008
Sometimes it is natural for a company when listing web host services to have a bias towards looking towards the cheaper web hosting service providers. This type of behavior has been in many different businesses and organizations regardless of the size of business they have. However, there is a need for the services that these sites offer, particularly for small companies who have a minimal budget but need more functions than what is offered by a free web host.

There are several providers who are ready to offer cheap hosting services though only a handful of them are trustworthy. The quality of cheap service providers is often under questions and hence it is suggested that people should study the company for minutely. There are hosts who can provide hosting services to their clients even in a few hundred dollars and would provide enough time for the client to repay back the service fees. However, before selecting a cheap hosting service provider, the client has to find out if the service provider has good experience and review. Such a provider would increase the trust of the clients on such a web host.

Tips to find the right hosting company that offers affordable services:

* It is always better to carry out some research work before selecting any particular web hosts. There are several methods of finding out a company and conducting research on web hosts.

* Although they have no cost, it is preferable to avoid a web hosting company that is free as they are unable to offer enough space. These firms offer service but there are many restrictions on what they are able to offer a customer, including restrictions of domain names top limitations on account space. Also, your website will be full of advertisements which will reduce the amount of area you have left for your own content. There will also be limitations on the amount of files you can load onto your site. There is no doubt that free web hosting is of use to many people and some hosts use it as a key selling point but for companies looking to have a site, it is not the best option.

* If you decide to go with a company who provides a cheap web hosting facility, it is in your interest to find out about the background of your firm. The firm does not need an extensive history but it would be good to have a history to have some comments and customer feedback. Also, the experience a firm can offer is very important and can make a huge difference to the service they offer. A client can learn about a firm by what previous customers say and indeed, who the previous clients are. In this booming industry, there are new companies being set up every day and then folding, which may cause problems for a consumer. This is why a firm with a searchable history can seem to be reliable.

* It is also important to look for customer feedback when considering what company to choose. The feedback is also likely to inform you of the level of customer service offered by the firm. These tend to be low for cheap hosting firms so knowing what is genuinely on offer can help the decision making process. It is also though that after the hosting provision is set up, many hosts are not interested in providing a level of customer support. This again makes research into companies an important task to consider. If you need a 24 hour service provision then ensure that the firm provides this, because if critical issues arise, they need to be solved swiftly. The company should be able to be contacted by the telephone and they should be able to provide an immediate answer to any problems that arise. The same should be said if the website crashes, the host need to be able to act quickly to solve any problems.

* There is a need for many people to have the most up to date technology available, which could include PHP. No matter the technology, there needs to be ability for it to integrate with existing software and systems. There is also a demand for clients to have the latest technology and to be given support to keep their system, regardless of the price they have to pay for the web hosting facility.

* It has to be clarified that how many email accounts the web hosts are going to provide. Minimum expected email services would range from 10 to 15. The storage limit of the mail box will also have to be considered. Heavy files like images, videos and more then the storage limit will not suffice. For small businesses 500 MB email accounts are required.

* Other additional services that a client would be looking for would include protection from spam, virus attacks and phishing. Regardless of the size of the website having a degree of security is vital for each firm. You would be surprised at how quickly an email inbox can become full with spam which makes software protection for your email accounts extremely important. The success of this provision can depend greatly on the quality of your provider.

* Low cost services often have several limitations and one of the limitations is hidden monthly fees and hidden charges. If the email storage capacity and number of emails are unexpectedly higher, then it is always better to check out with the companies if tree is any hidden charges or not. If the traffic limit is not mentioned in the business agreement the client have to make sure tat he/she clarified the limit.

Finding cheap web host companies and how to research them:

There are many ways in which you can find cheap web hosts and some are now mentioned blow:

Research customer reviews of web hosts: Many other users of the web hosts you are researching may have posted reviews about their service online and can be found on various websites. There is a strong chance that these reviews will be authentic and will allow give any client more information to make a decision:

Web hosting forums and blogs: A lot of relevant information about web hosts can be found on blogs and forums. The information contained within may help any client make a better judgment on what cheap web host to do business with. There is also the opportunity to elarn about any scams or fraudulent web hosting firms that may be operating. The very nature of blogs ensures that up to date information should always be available, which makes them a great source of information:

Following these tips strictly, will allow any client to get the best level of information about web host providers which will ensure they can make the best decision possible and avoid the companies who provide a fake web host service.
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