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Think Right to Write Well

Aug 17, 2008
As every website content writer who works for a living writing will be able to tell you, there are certain prerequisites that determine how much impact the final product will have. One of the most important of these is the fact that clear thinking is the predecessor to clear writing. However, it's often the case that when your thoughts are muddled when you first start writing, they become more concise as you work them out.

The definition of clear writing is simple as well. Writing is considered clear when any reader can identify the point quickly and follow all of the supporting arguments. All content writers and SEO consultants know that any manner of ambiguity is considered bad writing and will not be effective for either drawing prospects into a site or actually selling the product.

All writers that work on or near the Internet know that it's impossible to be effective if you've left the reader out in the dark as to what the most important words mean. Remember that it's very important to revise unclear references when it comes to pronouns and who they refer to. The website content writer can enter some particularly dangerous territory when they fall into the ambiguity trap when they're writing blogs. These are one of the areas where space limitation means that every word needs to count and be specific.

It's necessary for both the novice and the professional website content writer to be aware of sentence structure so that they avoid making illogical comparisons in their text. For example, 'Company X's vacation policy is more liberal than the federal government' makes little sense when compared to a well thought out sentence like ' Company X's vacation policy is more liberal that the federal government's.' It's often the case that correcting the situation is a matter of just inserting the right word.

One of the last things that content writers and SEO consultants need to keep foremost in their minds is that they need to be specific in all areas. Remember that vague words can be misunderstood. A general statement that product y saves you money does not have the same impact as a sentence that gives a specific number about the amount of money that will be saved.

Finally, it's a good idea to use transitional words. For example, 'however' tells the reader that you're moving off in a different direction and 'therefore' generally tells them that you've come to a conclusion. The best website content writers are also aware that they need to be as economical as possible with the words that they use and to that end they should be trying their best to eliminate all the negatives in their sentences where ever possible. So whenever you see a phrase like 'not unaware', the good writer is immediately replacing it with a single word like 'aware.'

Writing is a craft and as such it demands that the serious person be constantly upgrading their skill set and looking for the new innovative and economical ways to say things
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