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Wholesale List: Do Not Buy Them!

Aug 17, 2008
Buying a wholesale list can be both a plesant experience and one not so admirable. While there are many list of wholesale sources on the internet. Experience tells acquiring a list of contacts will do good only if the person is serious about what he or she wants to accomplish with their business or as a current buyer. Why 100% of the people who use wholesale, only around 2% at most truly work
the contacts?

Acquiring a list of online distributors and wholesalers can do great things to your savings as a buyer. If you download the correct sources for the specific category items you are looking for, most likely your time investment and your money would had been perhaps very well spent and enjoyed. However, many acquire contact list of distributors, suppliers and wholesalers for the wrong reasons. These reasons of acquirement are none other than desperate attempts to acquire quick fix hopeful solutions to online riches.

The reality is far from the truth. You can cheat, everybody cheats. Be it as an adolescent, adult or advance citizen; in a given point in our life we technically cheat. There is no reason to deny that. But the rational motives; not for saving money, but for profiting in the wholesale industry is what sets the outcome totally apart.

Simple scenario being; Clark goes to an auction site and sees the attention grabbing sexy picture of what appears to be a nude artist, to say the least. Clever marketer knows sex sales, surely it is obvious. Once he has a couple of auctions, he provides images of celebrities with hot cars and the latest bling to arouse the buyer desires to buy the contact list that will save him a fortune in his next purchase and make him a millionaire in the next 30 days.

Even if it sounds like a late night modern; yet unique informatial, the imagination and desires of wanting more lures and blinds the motivated buyer to acquire the list that should make him a millionaire just like the auctioneer who has pretty pictures of their boss home or from a neighboor that the seller saw 30 years later after graduating from college. The amount of mix thoughts of association allow many of us to buy every crap imaginable on the internet, we just love to buy.

The seductive feeling in many of us on being more important and acquiring more, ignites a compulsive yet irresistable sub-concious need of desire. That is normal, but it should be controlled!

So irrationally thinking, spending $5 bucks on Jose auction and $10 on Rich wholesale list seems like a pretty good deal and cheap. Ten days later you might end with a bunch more wholesalers and distributors that went out of business 10 years ago. Hopes and dreams of getting many people rich, decrease.

This whole industry is a scam! Few years later a 9-5 is permanent and commenting frustrations of past business experiences may take a traditional habit.

Reality, it just does not work that way. Buying a list of sources won't make you rich, give you a superior advantage in earnings, hence make you more money. A list of wholesale sources should not make you any a single dollar. In fact anything that you buy should not work if you do not use it.

The action that you take, the training that you acquire from a business standpoint and your implemented skills as a negotiatior will make you the cash, not the imagined fantasy sold sub-conciously from many sellers. Sure, you can make money. But without marketing or doing anything at all should be noted as unrealistic.

Buying list of wholesale sources for distributors, suppliers or latest wholesalers is something very common to save money and to make money in the initial purchase this days, but you should not buy if you are not going to work or contact the sources or make your dilligences on their websites. Then, if you own your own small business it won't make sense to buy one if you want to make yourself rich in 30 days.

However, if you are serious about your savings and business than consider acquiring a wholesale list. There are many reasons to acquire one, knowing main reasons of why you should help save a handful of people a small fortune!
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