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Using Ethics To Make Money With The Internet

Aug 17, 2008
Most business owners are eager for advice to stimulate and increase sales. And most of them realize that the solution to their problem is that they need to get additional new customers.

New customer acquisition is very expensive. For most businesses, it requires capital investment and then there is always the risk of loss. Most businesses can double their sales without any additional clients at all.

Actually the increase is readily available within their present and past customer base. It is what value the marketer places on this group. If he chooses to place great importance on the asset of "the customer" he then will maximize his most positive feature.

There are three basic categories of ethical standards in relationships. By choosing the correct one your business will grow along with your clients and will be easier to make money with your business on the Internet.

First is the minimum ethics category where employers do just enough to comply with all of the laws, stay out of jail and deter lawsuits or returns for refunds. I personally would not think this would be a congenial place to work nor to deal with.

Next in line is the average ethics where the employer gives the customer the reasonable and fair exchange. There is nothing more asked for and nothing more is given and as a consequence they get average results. Most businesses are presently here.

And last comes the maximum ethics with the question, how can we give more and better service? The business owner who is constantly striving to better reward his customers for their patronage is taking the ethical high ground, and will be amply rewarded.

You and your staff should brainstorm or come up with a program with ideas on how you would like to be treated if you were a customer. We all do a better job when we know we are behaving ethically. Client commitment changes with maximum ethics too.

It's also worth noting that the ethics employed in relationships between an employer and his employees finds it way to the customer also. Grossly underpaid or otherwise abused employees cannot strike at management, therefore they vent on the customers.

There's no mystery that by using the correct ethics you can make more money with the Internet, have peace of mind and enjoy work a lot more. When you think about it, the motivation triples and you just might consider its value as plain, simple good business.
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