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How To Create Unique Selling Positions To Make Money On The Internet

Aug 17, 2008
It's very important to be different to be remembered. Distinguishing your business from all the rest makes your enterprise special in the eyes of your customers. That is the goal you need to pursue.

To do this you need to create a unique selling proposition. This is a distinct and appealing idea that sets you and your business favorable apart from every other generic competitor. You must craft a clear, strong selling proposition into the fabric of your own business.

The point to focus on is the gap that is most sorely lacking, and providing that need by keeping the promises you make to the clients. It is critical to always fulfill the "big promise" of your unique selling position. And this helps make your goal on the Internet.

There is no reason not to make money on the Internet by using these steps. First, understand where the "need is, make your USP unique so that whenever your customers need the type of product you sell, your USP helps with your company's recognition.

Next, you must edit and edit your verbiage so it is clearly defined and your customers can immediately seize upon it. It then should be integrated into your ads, mailing pieces, and positions' statements. It must stand and reinforce you in one quick message.

Don't try and merely have your salespeople "wing it." Insist they do their homework. Be sure they can clearly and powerfully express your USP and then compellingly state how it benefits the prospect.

Talk to your staff, write scripts, hold contests, and reward people who distinguish themselves in promoting your USP. Set an example so that your staff can see the USP in action.

And the last great way to create unique selling positions to make money on the Internet is to go a step further. Immediately following a sale, write, call or visit your customers. During this follow-up effort, see that the customers feel important and special.

You enhance the customer's loyalty and value to your business by following up after the sale. At the very least, a follow-up call, letter or sales appeal reduces cancellations, returns, complaints, and reassures customers of the prudence of their recent purchases.

When someone asks for a refund, replacement, or adjustment, instead of resenting the fact that you have to give back money, use that opportunity to convey once to convey once again the essence of your USP, either in person or by letter.

These procedures will help you create and maintain a strong unique selling position to help you make money on the Internet.
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