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Overcoming Close Mindedness To Make Money On The Internet

Aug 18, 2008
Did you know people that are so stubborn and do not have the desire of altering their thought processes or how they accomplish different kinds of tasks? It is highly probable that you have encountered several people who belong to this specific group and have experienced the frustrations of trying to convince them that there is a better way of doing certain things. This situation is very common and a normal part of human relations that occurs in all aspects of life.

In many cases, you have more than likely felt feelings of frustration while dealing with these types of people and have felt your own attitude turning into opposition against their own ideas. In many cases, the frustrations that you feel are not a result of the other persons stubbornness, but rather a result of your own close mindedness. Instead of worrying about how to teach other people how to change their own stubbornness and ways of doing things, you should concentrate on how to overcome your own close mindedness so that you can make money on the Internet.

When you regulate your own Internet company, there are many times when you receive comments from online guest that critique almost everything that you are doing on your page. The way you react to these comments will determine how frustrated you become or how successful you are going to be. If you let your ego get the best of you and become stubborn to the comments that are made against your site, then you will not be able to progress as fast as you could if you were not so close minded.

As you start to get many comments from Internet guests that are very negative, you should attempt to transform them into constructive feedback that you can use to improve your overall site. Rather than completely dismissing the comments that you receive, you should try to accept them as suggestions on how to be better and how to ultimately increase the profitability of your Internet page. Comments from online visitors, whether they are negative or not, can contain some valuable truths that will help you to improve, but only if you allow them to do so.

Even though you need to look at the feedback emails you receive as positive and productive, this does not necessariliy mean that you should accept everything that anyone tells you. There is a distinct difference between being open minded and gullible, and you should definitely try to overcome the latter by standing strong in the things that make sense and seem applicable to your own Internet page. You can be very open minded in how to regulate your own Internet business, but you should not do anything that is illogical and that would do more harm than good to the overall goals that you have set.

overcoming close mindedness can happen when you maintain a strong, positive mind set and a large feeling of humility. These qualities will definitely help you to make more money on the Internet.
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