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7 More Golden Keys To Building A Multimillion Dollar Empire

Aug 18, 2008
Following are 6 more keys you need to know to build a multimillion dollar empire.

Golden Key #1: Focus on lead generation and profit generation. Look at your business by getting traffic and sending it to your page and selling products. With the right traffic strategies you can get 3,000 visitors to each of your websites.

Golden Key #2: Get customers online and then take them offline right away. The cheapest way to get leads is from the Internet. However, once you've grabbed these customers take them offline through phone calls, teleseminars, etc.

Golden Key #3: You have to make decisions. Opportunities will come your way and you have to act on them right away. You have to be decisive.

Golden Key #4: One extremely lucrative way to make a lot of money is to become a platform speaker. You can do this through the teleseminar circuit. Speaking is one of the highest paid professions. It may even be the number one highest paid professions.

Golden Key #5: Sell to the masses. Build lists. Sell seminars. There is a reason why people do seminars and teleseminars because they can make money from them. It doesn't matter what your niche is, you can still create and make money from a teleseminar.

For example, you can have teleseminars about the frequently asked questions about your niche. You could also teach people how to use your product or how to learn more in your niche.

Golden Key #6: Sell one-on-one. This is where a truck load of money is made. You can sell it yourself, build a sales team, or outsource it. There are so many more places to make money after the initial sale. You should always strive to up sell and create residual income.

Keep on selling things to the buyer while you can. When the buyer is in heat, the buyer is in heat so keep selling until they finally say no.

Golden Key #7: Follow the piles of cash. For example, hang out with people that you want to be like. Essentially you can 'buy' your friends and there is nothing wrong with that. Think about it. Athletes on teams essentially pay to have friends through purchasing the sports equipment.

This same theory applies to neighborhoods of people that you can connect with. Move to a neighborhood that has business contacts you desire. Listen to these people, network, and learn from them so you can obtain the income level they have.
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