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3 Websites And The Phone: The Basis Of Internet Success

Aug 18, 2008
A multimillion dollar empire in the Internet business realm is based on several golden keys. However, how do you implement these keys? Following are the three websites and one item you need to get your multimillion dollar system up and running.

Website #1: Power squeeze page/forced opt-in webpage
Website #2: Free CD: Sales Letter webpage.
Website #3: Strategy session form webpage. (You don't need this all the time, but it works very well.)
Item: Telephone

Tip for your squeeze page: Any time that you get somebody to opt-in don't just thank them. Instead, ask them to buy your products. Up sell, up sell, up sell!

Tips on Sales Letter page:
-Every time somebody scrolls on the page make sure they can see a 'Buy Now' link. This gives them plenty of chances to buy. Make sure there are 12-16 'Buy Now' links on the page.

-Give them a free one-on-one consultation as a bonus. This gives you the opportunity to call them on the phone and up sell to them while you consult them. They will like the free consultation and will be more inclined to buy more products from you. You can establish a relationship that leads to more sales.

-Explain that they only have to pay shipping and handling for the free CD.

-Go directly into the big ticket items after they opt-in and see the free CD.

Tips on the Strategy Session form webpage:
The purpose of this page is to offer a free consultation, but say on it that you aren't looking for whiners or excuse makers. Tell them to only fill out the form if they are serious and are willing to do the work. This will automatically weed out many people. This can be helpful if you have a deluge of orders.

Phone Tips:
There is a myth that you have to hide behind your computer to make the most money in Internet marketing. This is far from the truth. Using your phone and connecting personally with customers is what will make your business the most successful.

The Internet is just one media strategy. You can also use the phone, direct mail, etc. I dare you to pick up the phone right now and connect with your customers. Your business will most definitely improve. Think I'm wrong? Try it and you'll see I'm right!
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