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Small Business Is About Perseverance

Aug 18, 2008
It's those times that try your patience the most that you need to remind yourself of why you became a small business owner in the first place. Its things like having the freedom to make your own decisions. The chance for you to build a company of your own instead of someone else's. It's the opportunity to take on the competition and show that you are better at what you do than they are. Or maybe you want to create a better workplace for your employees. Maybe you even want to use your small business to give back to the community.

Whatever your reasons are sometimes you need to step back from the day to day grind and take some time to remind yourself of them. Make some time for yourself. Consider what it is you are working for. Occasionally small business owners need to do a reality check of their situation. Is everything ultimately going the way you planned or has it veered off course somewhere? Do you still think you have the same drive that you did when you first started? Or are you getting tired of everything. A small business owner's life is not an easy one regardless of what your employees may sometimes think. It is actually a lot of hard work.

After you have taken the time to evaluate the situation and if you still believe that you have the motivation and drive to make it a success then you need to knuckle down and get back to work. Most businesses will not be overnight successes they will take a lot of willpower and determination on your part for them to succeed. That is when you need to remember that your perseverance will pay off in the long run. And it will if you are able to just stick it out.

So for your own sake keep these things in mind. You worked hard just to get where you are today. You probably had a lot of people that didn't think you could survive this long. Not only have you survived but you should be even more motivated to continue making your small business into a success. Running a small business has always been and always will be about persevering. And you may from time to time start to feel like a pinball shooting around a machine. You just need to occasionally take a moment to yourself and remember what you are doing it all for. Whatever your reasons they were good enough for you in the beginning they should be good enough now as well. If you are willing to persevere you can win out.
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