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Failure Can Be A Stepping Stone

Aug 18, 2008
World famous poet Emily Dickinson had more than 1,800 poems published. High school and college classes around the world have studied her work. Did you know that only seven of those poems were published before she died?

Dickinson had no real understanding of the impact her work would have on generations to come.

Most people think of the poet as an incredible success, but the truth is she may have simply viewed herself as a struggling poet. Maybe she had nights when she wondered if anyone would ever read her words. Perhaps she struggled with whether anyone would even understand what she was trying to say.

Her early experiences with published poetry were problematic for Dickinson. Publishers altered her work in multiple ways and Dickinson moved more forcibly into a cocoon of her own making. She would write hundreds of poems and share them with very few if at all. It is said that Emily's own sister was amazed at finding a treasure trove of poems following the death of her sister.

Dickinson's story is one that shows the problems associated with fear of big ideas. Dickinson found some success in publishing, but because her work was edited and changed she may have felt that her work was not worthy to be published and then kept the majority of that work to herself.

In every moneymaking idea you will face the potential of failure. You run the risk that others will point out flaws in your business model. You have a choice at that point. You can either retreat and chalk all you've experienced to a bad idea or you can learn from your problem areas are move forward with a willingness to improve, change or abandon ideas that don't work.

American President Abraham Lincoln was a man who knew a lot about failures. He had multiple failures in both business and politics, yet he learned from the mistakes and kept moving forward. The result was America's Great Emancipator.

It can be easy to feel as if you have failed or to even look at others and assume they have failed when they may actually be experiencing an opportunity for a stepping-stone to something new and genuinely improved over their previous undertakings.

Yes, you should have some idea of what you are getting into when it comes to any moneymaking idea. If you fail because you didn't explore the idea well enough that's one thing, but if you fail after doing everything you possibly could it may mean the timing of the idea was off or another idea might be better suited to your passion and skills.

The role of failure has typically been the 'great debilitator' when it comes to moneymaking success. The assumption generally is that the business owner was simply outclassed and out of their league when it came to business and would be better served working for someone else.

If this lie is believed it can damage the spirit of the individual. It can mean they will never take such a bold step again. It can mean they shut other people out of their life. What it should mean is that the individual accepts the failure and passes a difficult course on the way to an even better idea.

Keep pushing forward.
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