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Making Money Online Is Easy!

Aug 18, 2008
People think that making money is hard. It's not! The problem is that they have the wrong mindset. There are really just three basic steps to making millions online. You have to simplify the process. In fact, your business plan should fit on a corner of a napkin.

The three basic steps include:
Step #1: Create a squeeze page/opt-in page.
Step #2: Throw in a CD page/sales letter.
Step #3: Throw in contact with the customer on the phone.

Let's look at setting up your squeeze page/opt-in page in more detail:
Step #1: Get a domain. Get a hosting account. In hosting account make sure that you are on a Unix or Linux server. Avoid Microsoft servers!

Make sure you have a unique ip address. Right now, people are hoarding unique ip addresses.

Step #2: Get an Autoresponder. Use AutoResponsePlus or ARP3. I'm testing the OpenDoor Autoresponder. I'm trying to break it to see if it's good or not. It's taking longer for people to opt-in so the jury is still out on my opinion on it. It is user friendly and is php based. Plus, it has charts and dashboard functionality that I like.

Step #3: Set up a power squeeze page. Use FrontPage 2003. (You could use Dreamweaver or Web Expressions). You can find a copywriter to write the content for your squeeze page.

Get traffic to the squeeze page. How do you get traffic? Here are a few options: Pay-per-click, Google, Yahoo, MSN, video, audio, email, eBay, Blogs, online communities, MySpace, Amazon, Squidoo, Twitter, Facebook, press releases, message boards, free and paid directories, articles, affiliates, and joint ventures.

Tip: You can use your Autoresponder to market to them.

After the traffic lands on your opt-in page and they opt-in then they should go to the free CD page. After they buy then get them on the phone and up sell. Talking to them on the phone is the easiest way to sell, especially big ticket items. Why? You talk with your customer, find out what they want, and give them the product that is best suited to their needs.

By talking to them on the phone, you are giving your customers the personal care and touch they need. Your customers will feel like they finally have a connection with real people in the company. Your sales will go through the roof. Your list response rate will increase like crazy.
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