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4 Must Have Elements Every Article Marketing Must Use

Aug 18, 2008
Whenever you are writing an article to distribute to article directories there are 4 must have elements. If you fail to use these elements in your articles you will fail to reach your target audience and generate traffic and sales to your website.


Keywords are key when writing articles for marketing purposes. You must find keywords that are related to your topic. They must also have people who are actually searching for them. A number one ranking on Google for a term no one is looking for is worthless. Your keywords must not have so much competition that you can not dominate them in the search engines. There are many tools you can use to find this information.

Keyword Density:

This is the amount of times you use each of your keywords within any given article. If you use your keyword too many times it is called "keyword stuffing". Many article directories will not publish your article if you have stuffed it full of your keywords. You will also find you do not have many, if any, people who will republish an article that is keyword stuffed.

Good Content:

When creating your article you need to first and foremost think about your reader. The purpose of writing articles is to provide your reader with information they can use. This comes from writing good quality content and providing useful information within your article. If you can not write in this manner you can easily hire someone who can.

Anchor text links:

Articles can not be promotional in nature. Article directories will not publish promotional articles. However, you do have the opportunity to write a "resource box" otherwise known as a bio box at the end of your article. This is where you write your call to action, tell your reader what to do next. Generally you will want them to go to your website. Instead of only writing out the url of your website you want to use html to make your link clickable. The words that they will click should be your keywords. This is called keyword anchor text. You want to use your anchor text because this will help you improve the ranking of your website for that keyword in the search engine results page. People will rarely search for a topic in the search engine by typing in the url to your website. They will type in the keyword related to what they want to know about. That's why you should always use keyword anchor text in your author's box.
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