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Wholesale Games: Achieving Success in Auctions!

Aug 18, 2008
There are numerous ways listed in books to win in the wholesale games. Instead of offering what the majority of the sellers offer on auctions; in which is generally selling to the general audience- offer your products to a very targeted audience.

While eBay is an example of an auction portal that sales to the majority of people, to the masses - you should not start your business in such way. Focusing and narrowing your target to a very specific items increase your chances of success in your first year. Reason why many of us can freely say such facts is because number 1; out of 100 people that see great information that can help them, only about 2-5 people will even register their own account at iOffer.

The second reason being, most people that want to start their own business online usually do not go the extra mile to learn and experience what's neccessary to escalate their financialexperiences. Chances are, there is only going to be a star out of a pack of one hundred people according to scholastic teachings.

One of the easiest way to get multiple sales when offering wholesale games is to offer an additional benefit free of charge. Amazon catapulted themselves into higher success when they launched their minimum order of $25 and free shipping for continental states and US territories.

It practically forced people to compulsively act on buying more than $25.00 and since most people who are avid readers or entertain themselves from readings, they usually ordered more than two books at a time; meaning more possibilities of free shipping.

It worked like a charm. They have never eliminated their free shipping option ever since I knew about Amazon years ago. In fact, the majority of people main e-commerce shop and prefered portal for acquiring merchandise at very affordable prices is Amazon. Anyone that goes the extra mile in the wholesale games business can do the same.

However, while the success rate to compete with Amazon or to assimilate to Amazon will be minimal, offering free shipping on orders over $75.00 might be practicable and affordable depending on what you sell on a big industry like the video games industry.

For example, let say that you have already acquired a wholesale list and know what you want to sell for a discount price or for retail online with your own website. Now, if your micro niche will be in the sell of PS3 accessories, possibilities being that you will have better chances of achieving success by specializing only in the sale of PS3 materials that have to do with their acessories.

Infact there are numerous items that have no patent, meaning that you can mimic and buy direct accessories like for example controllers. While this might be 100% true, alwas check with your county lawyer or a certfied law practioner in order to confirm any given fact before you sell anything related any type of merchandise online. Most importantly, be sure you received the best contact list of wholesale sources on the internet in order to sell your wholesale games at the highest profit margins possible.
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