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Home Auctions and What The Owner Doesn't Want You to Find Out

Aug 18, 2008
Home tax lien auctions are one way that you can tell your the property manager or owner to take a flying leap. Hey, why not be the the manager or property owner, bringing in cash instead of dishing out rent to somebody you don't like. If you're a renter and saving for a new dream home, then you got to think about looking into home tax lien auctions as a way to aquire it.

Home tax lien auctions happen when a lender or gov agency has taken over a house. All departments don't want the houses they grabbed, but they had no choice but to take them for many reasons. They have to auction them off in order to get the cash that is owed to them, and that's all they want. Because of this, you can pick up some pretty nice looking properties at home tax lien auctions for cents on the dollar.

If you want to become a the property owner, you will definitely need to buy your first home, put some money into it and sell it once more. Meaning that you will visit home tax lien auctions until you find a house that you can win for way below market value. Simply rent that house out for whatever the rent would be if you had purchased the house for full market value price. Start saving the cash you are making from the rental and continue repeating the process. Then one day, you will be a real the property owner with cash in your pocket.

Eventually, when visiting all of these property auctions, you are bound to find your dream house, and you'll be able to get it for well below its market value, too. You will be able to afford it because of all the rent you've been collecting as a the property owner. It really is as easy as that.

Some indivduals are in fear of home tax lien auctions because they aren't sure how they really work. If you are one of these indivduals, then here is what I suggest. Go to a few home tax lien auctions as a curious bystander. Don't take any cash with you, or any paperwork to show that you have cash, because you will be tempted to get in on the action. Don't do it! Find some auctions that are not in an area that you would be interested in buying a home. That way, even if you do like the house you will be deterred from bidding on it. Observe and learn. Watch how the auctions work and watch how the bidders work. You will not only see what you are getting into, but you will be able to learn to read other bidders this way.

When you feel more at ease with property auctions, you can begin looking for auctions that catch your eye. Set a budget on how much you can pay for a home, or are able to pay for it, and cease your bids there. Don't overbid because there will always be many home tax lien auctions if your not the winner on that particular home. The Payment structure is expected hours or days of the end of each auction. I can assure you that you will be a bidding maniac and bringing in the dough off of these home auctions.
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