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Make Money By Putting Content On Your Sites

Aug 18, 2008
I'm not sure if this process just isn't popular or if people really don't know that you can actually put content on your website and get paid, but usually when I tell people about these two sites they are amazed that they can make real money by doing this. I'm only mentioning these two sites in particular even though there are other sites because I belong to these sites and I know they pay and they do work for sure. The other site that I know of has a lot of spammy ads and "adult" material and that's a no no when placing it on your professional website so I didn't even bother to mention it but, if that's what you really want its called ShareaPic. I'm not recommending it, I'm just saying if that's what you want, it's available.

The first site is called the newsroom. The news room allows you to place content such as text, video, articles, or pictures on your web page. This program pays by CPM, which is cost per thousand. This means that every thousandth person that visits your site you will get paid and nominal amount. Most of the time these amounts are pretty low say $3.50 per thousand views. I know this doesn't seem like very much, but you can have up to three types of content on your website. And, if you have some really great traffic coming to your website these could really add up.

Personally for me, I use the newsroom not to just make money, I also use it for its content. For example, I have a cooking website. When I place my recipes on my site I can also place recipe articles, or pictures of food. Every time somebody views one of these recipes with the content attached I get paid for it. It's a pretty great deal when you think about it. And, the news room has some really good quality content for you to use.

The second site is called Revver. Revver is also the same thing as the news room but they specialize in just videos. So, this whole entire site has nothing but videos that you can use for your website. Some of the videos I'll be honest are kind of amateur. But a lot of them are some really good quality content that you will be happy to put on your site. The reason I'm listing revver even though all they have is videos is because in my personal opinion revver pays better than the news room. But the news room has more options! So, it's a toss up depending on which one you like.

I also like both of these sites because it's really easy to place the code on your site and you can choose from several different "looks". Eventually in the future The News Room and Revver will allow publishers to also become advertisers which will allow people like me to not only place content on our sites but we will also be able to upload our own content and get paid for said content on our own sites. At the moment the closest thing both these sites have to this, is that they allow you to upload videos under your publishers account and you get paid every time someone uses your content. But that's as far as it goes.

These sites are really easy to get paid out from, one offers PayPal and the other offers a check and I have known several other people besides myself that have gotten paid from both sites. So, I truly recommend that you try both sites out. Again, you can place up to 3 content pieces of revver as well as 3 content pieces of the newsroom on your site, so if you place 6 content type ads on your site and bring in the traffic even through a PPC engine, you could make some really cool money from this! Check them out whenever you get the chance. Good luck!
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