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Using Your eBook as Advertising Space

Aug 18, 2008
Do you just create eBooks as a form of revenue? Why not use it for more than that? By throwing a little creativity into the mix you can use your eBooks in a variety of ways that will allow you to generate income on multiple levels.

To be more specific, you could actually sell advertising within the eBook you are creating to make money.

Here is an example. You have created an eBook on how to plan a wedding on a budget. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that you are now tapping into. Do you think that some of the companies that sell products and services within this industry would be interested in having the ability to get in front of people who have just purchased a product that that particular topic?

It may seem like an obvious question to ask, but you all should ask yourself what businesses would be interested in getting in front of the audience I will be attracting? This is one of those creative questions that you should all be asking yourself regularly.

One more time. Thinking about my target audience, what businesses would be interested in having a way to get in front of them?

Thinking about it this will really get your creative juices flowing. All different businesses will come to mind, maybe even some of your competitors. You will also think of businesses that have complimentary products or services geared towards the particular audience that you are marketing to. These are the people that will be interested in purchasing advertising space in your eBook.

Your ads could be scattered throughout, they could be right at the beginning, they could be at the end. Whatever. But it provides you a way to generate revenue by selling advertising within the actual eBook.

Adding value to your current costumers is also another thing you can do with your eBooks. For me I try to constantly work on developing and maintaining good relationships with the people on my email list. I don't have a big email list, but I have a great one.

To maintain that relationship and provide my current costumers valuable information one thing I could do is create an eBook for them. It could summarize or give step by step directions on a subject that my email list has questions about.

Adding value to my current customers and you is what I constantly try to do, especially when they are win-win for both of us.

Keep your eyes out for what your target market are wanting to know, or what business questions they may have. All you have to do then is develop an eBook outlining the procedure, give more information or answer they questions to solve that particular issue and they will see it as you providing great valuable information. This is something you should be constantly thinking about how you can boost your current relationships with your customers and an eBook is a great way to do this and selling advertising within it benefits you as well.

Hidden opportunities to make profit can be find if you just go into business with that mindset of providing your customers value and combine it with a little creativity.

By exploring your creativity ideas will come to you when you need them the most!
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