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Super Article Marketing Strategy For A Home Based Internet Business

Aug 18, 2008
The strategy is important because also in the article marketing you have lots of choices, how you can execute it. The target of the strategy is to keep your article marketing on the right track during a long period of time.

1.Benefits From The Article Marketing.

Maybe the biggest benefit is that the writer will learn a lot by himself. He just have to follow, what happens on the home based internet business marketing to be able to write useful articles from different topics.

The success in home based internet business comes with a great brand, which potential customers trust. The fact is that usually people need from 5 to 7 contacts before they start to buy, article marketing is the way to contact them and to presell the idea of the sales page.

The backlinks are the engines of the web site traffic and the article marketing is a cheap way to build related backlinks from the sites and directories, where the target group move.

SERP, i.e. search engine result page ranking means traffic. Because the most important search engines see backlinks as main factors to rank a page high on their result page, article marketing together with wide submission is the way to get those valuable backlinks.

And the last, but not the least point, article marketing is very cheap, almost a free way to promote home based internet business. This is important for newbies especially but also for the people, who invest mostly their own work into marketing.

2.Keyword Strategy.

To put it simply, keywords are the tools by which the search engines and the readers will find the articles. When search engines put the articles and sites into a certain order on the result page, there exists a competition about these places.

This brings the strategy into picture. It is not the same which kind of keywords you use.I recommend, along my own good experiences, long tail keywords for any home based internet business.

The keyword must be targeted and has to describe well the landing page and the content of the article. I recommend the low demand keywords, about from 10 to 20 WordTracker searches a day.

3.Submission Strategy.

The article marketing needs from 2 to 3 weekly optimized articles but also a working submission strategy. I have used the following rotation. First I submit my home based internet business article to about 10 high page rank article directories.

The next article I submit to hundreds of related article directories with a submission service. My next home based internet business article goes again to those quality directories and so on.

4.The Target Is To Reach First Pages In Several Niches.

The marketing of the home based internet business is a numbers game. We need presence on many niches to be successful. Here the niche is simply a keyphrase, because those are the tiny markets, which we are after.

When article marketing uses many small demand, long tail keyphrases, it will reach several first page rankings. This is very wise, because the competition moves these rankings all the time and the more you have them. The more steady is your site traffic.

5.Article Marketing Has A Residual Effect.

The optimized articles will stay on the directories for a very long period of time. And when you have enough articles there, your business will enjoy a regular traffic during many years.

I have a couple of hit articles, which have climbed to the first places on the result pages and bring a nice amount of traffic. Of course I could not know in advance, which of my many articles would climb to these positions, but it has been nice that this has happened.
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