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Affiliate Marketing Success Tips to Make Big Money Online

Aug 18, 2008
Affiliate marketing can truly offer a great opportunity for almost anyone regardless of background or financial status to succeed at making good money and even huge money from the internet. Since it is so easy to start as an affiliate marketer expect lots of competition and do not expect it to be an easy ride. Most people randomly pick any affiliate program and throw up an ad on adwords or somewhere else and when they do not make any profits they complain that affiliate marketing does not work.

This is simply not true. There are many people and each day the number grows that are making a very handsome living from selling other people's products and services. However this small, select group of super affiliates do things very differently from the mass of affiliate marketers that are failing. Here are some tips that most super affiliates follow to make big money online:

Tip 1: Choose your affiliate products carefully

Top affiliate marketer select affiliate products very carefully and are quite strict about most promotions. Never promote a garbage product as the refund rates will be very high and these promotions do not work well long term. Also it can give your website a bad reputation which can affect traffic levels long term. You need to pick products that are proven to work, look for valid testimonials on the sales page. Also make sure the sales page looks professional and is informative.

There are many affiliate networks you can go to pick affiliate products including Clickbank and Commission Junction. There are also many great independently operated affiliate programs that can be worth signing up for. When selecting products from Clickbank look for products that are fairly new and have a gravity over 10.

Tip 2: Send targeted traffic to affiliate pages

The affiliate marketing model is simple. Find a quality affiliate program and send targeted traffic to your affiliate pages. However this traffic still needs to convert at a high enough rate for you to make decent profits. After all you are in business to make money not lose it. Google adwords while very competitive is probably the best first choice to get your traffic from. Remember to keep your keywords very targeted and do not bid too high unless the keyword is super targeted and justifies a higher bid.

With adwords you need to keep in mind the importance of a good ad quality score. If your keywords receive a good quality score then you can reduce bids slightly and still maintain the same positions and get clicks at a lower cost. A good strategy is to run 10 test campaigns using product review style pages on your own site accruing $10 worth of clicks with different products from different niches. Certain niches simply do better than others so do not just promote from a single niche.

Your goal should be to make at least $20 in sales from each campaign or a 100% ROI (Return On Investment). Expect to have some losers. Even if you find one winner then it can make up for the losing campaigns as the profits can be good and can last a while. You only need to find a handful of winning campaigns to create good income so do not get discouraged by a few losing campaigns. Also the experience you gain will teach you a great deal about how to identify and create winning campaigns faster. Try some of these affiliate marketing tips to help you make more money from the net.
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