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Halt! 5 Steps to Stop Spam Emails on your Website

Aug 18, 2008
No one likes spam email - customers, clients, and even business owners cannot always handle the amount of spam that comes from one email address placed in a public space on the web. So if you have a website, you will want to check out these five tips that will help to reduce the spam that gets into your inbox.

1. Limit the number of emails that you give out to your customers and post on websites. If you post more than one email address on a website, you will experience twice as many unwanted emails. And if you run a business, you should never post your personal email anywhere on your website.
2. You can include tools such as CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). This is a small box on your website where you can have words or numbers that come up and the visitors to your site will have to type these in before they are allowed to send messages to you. This prevents automated spam from slipping through.
3. Use web forms instead of giving out your email address. This will let your visitors contact you without ever having to see your email address. This may not cut down on all the spam, but at least you know the spam you are getting was typed by a real person.
4. If you need to give out your email address, spell it out on your website. Leave out the @ symbol so that it is harder for spam bots to recognize it as an email address. Customers that want to send you an email will understand what you mean when you spell it out. Better still create a jpg/gif images of your email address, so that the visitor/customer can see your email address, but the spammers will no be able to find it so easily.
5. If all else fails, you can require a registration for your website. This will let visitors leave you comments and questions. This prevents any spam bots from contacting you or pulling your email address from your website.

These tips are just some of the ways that you can prevent spam on your website. There are obviously many more but this should help to heavy reduce the level of spam emails you receive. If you have a paid web hosting service, most providers now have Junk Mail Filtering services including with their hosting plans or at an additional charge.
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