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A Guide To Executive Recruitment Consultancies

Aug 18, 2008
In the saturated recruitment market many consultancies claim to be specialist in a chosen filed such as engineering, financial services, management executives or engineering. What makes these companies specialist is their industry contacts, their up to date market knowledge and their reputations for providing quality candidates.

Executive jobs is an excellent candidate for a case study on specialist recruitment. Executive jobs sits on the fence between specialist and non-specialist. Many recruitment websites will list executive jobs as one of their areas of expertise and this article offers guidance on how to tell the real specialists from general recruitment.

First point of call is the company website. Any company claiming executive and management positions will have a website that caters toward that industry, it is for clients as well as candidates. Navigate through it looking at news and events, examine the trade fairs and training courses that they have attended. Evaluate the executive jobs they are displaying on the website, then compare it to your own company requirements and trade magazine listings.
Check when jobs have been updated and whether there are overdue jobs still listed on the website.

Networking is a big part of seeking executive jobs so discuss with contacts what recruitment consultancies they have used or more importantly which their company prefers to work with. If you are targeting executive jobs in a specific company then find out which recruitment consultancy they deal with and win favour with them.

A great technique for whittling out the specialists is to use online job searches and recruitment websites. You do not even need to register, just search whatever job you are looking for, look at the various specifications and earning brackets then look at what companies are posting the jobs. If an agency has numerous executive jobs in your pay range then they are worth contacting.

When dealing executive jobs it is worth remembering that confidentiality is essential as most candidates are still employed when assessing their next move. Therefore hosting your CV on job search sites might not be the best move as they might well be monitored. Specialists in executive jobs will understand that discretion is paramount.

As executive jobs covers a multitude of industries it is essential that the specialist agency you work with understands the individual clients they represent. Ask specific questions about positions and companies and always try and get everything in writing for traceability purposes. Many jobs are not advertised so build a relationship of trust with the agency.
Avoid joining many different agencies as this will affect your relationship with the specialist agency.

If you research the agency well enough you should only need one, call and email when you say you will so that the consultant has faith in your reliability. Ask the consultant to spec you out for executive jobs at companies you wish to work for, make the recruitment industry work for you.
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Shaun Parker is an expert on executive jobs with years of experience in specialist recruitment.
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