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How To Put Up The Best Exhibition Display

Aug 18, 2008
Putting up an exhibition, whether it is a large event or a small local activity, can be a stressful thing to organise and run. One of the most important aspect of the setup process is finding the right equipment to put up a good display and promoting the event. Many people will have been to exhibitions for various and will have noticed that in business events the key to a successful running of an exhibition is brand promotion, and communication.

The brand promotion or marketing is largely due to the effective display and organisation of your exhibition equipment. Using things like pull up banners, pop-up stands or banner stands is a good way of representing your establishment. The idea is to draw the attentions of visitors, by putting up a clear and informative stand that displays your brand and provides enough information about the company represents.

Pull up banners are easy to use and are quick to set up, therefore there is no fiddling around with a complicated instruction manual. These can often be set up within minutes by one person and can usually be clipped into place rather than screwed up against the wall or hanging from the ceiling. These are placed and fitted on a stand, which are retractable and foldable, making it much easier to transfer from place to place with little fuss.

Pull up banners a good for putting company graphics and logos on, promoting what you do and attracting people into the stand. Most people feel more encouraged to take a look at the stand if it is clearly displayed and presented by informed and knowledgeable members of staff. Pop up displays work in a very similar way, only they do not pull up from the base, instead they are assembled together using magnetic clips on a board.

For effective displaying at an exhibition, it is always a good idea to plan carefully where you will place each unit, making sure that people are able to see what is on display (products, leaflets, brochures, booklets, prototypes, samples etc), the staff representing the brand or organisation and are able to understand what is being displayed. There is no point in have the company logo put on display if people are not aware of what the company do.

Some exhibitions can fail if careful thought and planning has not been carried out prior to the main event. Drawing out a budget plan and keeping on top of the financial side of exhibition organisation is a good start to calculating the overall cost of the event. Some organisers make the mistake in purchasing the equipment first without establishing a base for the event.

Before ordering or hiring out any new equipment it is always important to research good venues and taking the best spots for large exhibitions, such as technology events or recruitment fairs. Always have this established first when planning an event like this as places and spaces go very quickly.

The planning process should also have a theme and goal, such as collecting a certain number of product sales, gaining new clients or providing a certain number of prototypes in exchange for more contacts. The same can also be applied for establishing new business contacts. With a clear objective and goal in mind, it would then be a good idea to delegate responsibility to people or teams involved, making sure that you gain a regular report or feedback of their progress.

The planning process takes time and should not be rushed, which is why it is a good idea to begin this as early as possible. The plan of action and schedule would then be drawn up based on the ideas created by the team and will be used on the day of the event. This would then be a good time to start thinking about the equipment hire and designing promotional information like leaflets, large graphic displays for pull up banners, posters, flyers etc.
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Anna Stenning has had plenty of experience in event organisation, selecting the right equipment such as pull up banners, popup display stands and banner stands for effective company marketing.
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