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Warning! What You Can Expect from Changing Your Web Hosting Provider

Aug 18, 2008
There are many people who are satisfied with their web hosting services. They get the right amount of space, bandwidth, and their stats have improved over time. But there are also very many people who are not at all happy with the web hosting service that they have gone with, mostly because the customer service is not up to par, or they want to move from a free website to a paid domain name and web space. Here are some tips that can get you through the process.

First, you will want to look for added features that your old web hosting provider did not offer. This could be anything from email auto-responders, junk mail filters, and free software to FTP and MySQL Databases. You will also want to find a web hosting service that can support your platform for your website, most commonly either Windows or Linux Servers. This is where many people make the mistake when choosing a web hosting provider. If they don't tell you what platforms they host, ask.

If you run a student website, non profit or a charity, you can ask your new web hosting provider whether they offer discounts to these types of websites. Reduced rates may be available, but usually not advertised.

If you run or are thinking of upgrading to an ecommerce website, you will want to get SSL security for your website if you know that you will be doing business on your website. This SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, will be able to give your website the capability to transfer credit card and personal information safely. Most providers offer a shared SSL or personal SSL certificate option, so again make sure you ask first before choosing your next web hosting provider.

The major reason that you will want to change you web hosting provide is because you have had a growth in your website traffic. If you have a website that is promoting a business, you will not want leave your website on a hosting service that does no work. But if you are hosting a personal website with no income generated from it, there's no reason that you need to pay for a web hosting services, unless you really want to have your own domain name.

Finally, make sure that the web hosting plan you choose is not only suitable for your needs now but will give you adequate space and services to develop your website and that the web hosting provider you choose will allow you to upgrade from one plan to another without any or minimal disruption to your website and services.
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