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How To Get Your Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Down To $0.03 Per Click!

Aug 18, 2008
Google Adwords works on pay per click. Your ad shows as many times as you want. You only pay money when somebody actually clicks on your advertisment. The amount you pay per click can be from $0.01 to up to $50. If you know what you are doing you can get $0.03 to $0.05 every time for clicks. How can you do this? There are insider techniques you can use.

These techniques revolve around 'relevancy'. For example, when somebody types in 'bridal gowns' they don't want something to come up that relates to making money online or is not relevant to the topic the person searches on. If you try to advertise under the 'bridal gown' category then Google will punish you by making it $5 per click. However, if you have relevant content then Google will award you with a lower price per click.

Google rewards you for structuring your ad correctly and having it under a relevant category.

A Google ad consists of the following:
1. Title of ad
2. Description Line 1
3. Descriptor Line 2
4. Website URL

Getting the lowest cost per click has nothing to do with the type of website you have. Some Google Adwords experts will say that it does, but they are wrong. That is a myth.

Let's say the keyword is 'Tattoo design'. This means tattoo design has to be in the title, description, and website address in order for Google to think your ad is relevant. This is the secret formula. It is simple, yet too many people don't understand it and suffer from high pay per click rates imposed on them by Google.

What about having a question mark in your Google Adwords ad? Anything you put after the question mark means absolutely nothing. The text after the question mark doesn't change the website to where a person goes. They will still end up at your website.

This is an old technique that helps you track all your links. If you put a question mark and then a word, you can tell from your server log where people clicked. You can use this trick in Google.

Essentially, this question mark allows you to put the keyword in your advertisment. Therefore, Google sees your ad as highly relevant. They then award you by dropping the cost per click down to $0.03 to $0.05. You can use this technique with great success for highly popular keywords. You will always pay less per click if you use this secret technique.
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