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How To Avoid Paralysis By Analysis

Aug 18, 2008
This article shares information on how to go from brain freezes to ocean breezes with internet affiliate niche marketing!

First, let us start by saying that the title above is incomplete. There s one word missing that will prove that everything you ve heard about niche marketing or niche research is wrong. Relax. We re not claiming to be the experts who just discovered that money really does grow on trees. But what we found is just as good!!
And by the time you re finished reading, we promise that a little bulb will go off in your head that says, Hey! This is so simple! Why didn t I see it before? We still remember how that felt, so let s get started.

First things first. The reason for our title phrase Paralysis by Analysis should be obvious. But in case you re wondering what it has to do with affiliate niche marketing, let us explain.

Regardless what we do in life to earn our living, whether a profession or sales or retail or medicine or education or (well, you get the picture), a common thread that weaves through most of us is a certain level of hesitancy when we decide to try something new for additional income or to get away from the 9-t0-5 grind. Sound familiar?

Look at your decision (recently or some time ago) to try affiliate niche marketing. You knew there are people making money online, and a few are even making stupid money. So much money that their daily work ethic consists of tweaking a couple things online (like checking their ClickBank account balance), then it's off to the golf course or beach or theatre or shopping spree or (well, you get the picture). Stop right there and look back at the word few. A few people making money. Why didn t we say many people? Because of another word that separates the many from the few. FEAR.

Bring on the Analysis, also affectionately known as the What Ifs.

1. What if it takes a lot of time to find a product?
2. What if I pick the wrong one?
3. What if it costs too much?
4. What if it doesn t work?
5. What if blah blah blah.

Cue the Paralysis. Nothing gets done and you are miserable watching from the sidelines. Thus, the few are making the stupid money online. Make sense?

Good News! FEAR can be broken down into a phrase that describes it for what it is. Fear is nothing more than "False Evidence Appearing Real".

Identifying what fear really is means you win! Fear is false, so it can t hurt you. In fact, breaking out of the Paralysis by Analysis habit lets you side-step those "Brain Freezes" so you can move quickly toward your "Ocean Breezes"! Especially with internet affiliate niche marketing!!

But it gets better. Fact: Wealth building has absolutely nothing to do with time, skill or hard work. It s actually all about knowing what the few know. The few who are capitalizing on the stupid money (that means 6-figure monthly incomes) realize where the money is, how to get it, then get it.

So now the question becomes, Since the few have already figured out where the money is and how to get it, wouldn t it be reasonable to focus on who the few are and copy them? Ok we know your mind just pivoted over into Analysis mode again, didn t it? You re saying, How can I possibly find out who the few are? Where on earth would I find that information, let alone copy it? Go ahead, admit it. We know we're right because that s exactly what we said! But stay with us.

First, the only markets where the few are making it happen are in very large, highly competitive industries where everyone can grab a piece of the action for themselves. So the natural thing to do is join them in those markets, sell the products they are selling and make stupid money yourself with a process called (by the way, here comes the missing word from our title) "Reverse Niche Marketing"!

The core of Reverse Niche Selection is evaluating niches based on what amounts of money people are already making with them, to the penny, which allows you to quickly dive into that market without any guesswork and very little trial and error. This single strategy is responsible for more Internet millionaires than any other method. It's also one of the few cases where it actually pays to take the easy road by using reverse niche selection.

You are one step away from trading "Brain Freezes" for "Ocean Breezes"! To reiterate, this single strategy is responsible for more Internet millionaires than any other method. Guaranteed. It's also one of the few cases where it actually pays to take the easy road!
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