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How to Make Money Giving Away Your Ebooks for Free

Aug 17, 2007
Don't sell your ebook! You heard me right! If you've written, or are planning on writing, your own ebook, then you must read this article before you launch it. Why? Because I want to change your mind about how you are going to market your masterpiece.

It's true that you could write an enticing sales letter and sell your ebook directly from your website. This method has been around for a long time, and it works well. However, I'm about to show you how to give your ebook away to anyone that wants it, and still make money, possibly even more money than if you were to sell it.

First, in order to make money with your ebook you're going to have to fill it full of beefy content. It must be a truly worthwhile publication. Be sure that you've given your readers something of real value. If you were charging money for your book, would they ask for a refund?

Next, you will need to do a little digging. Locate several competing products that offer affiliate programs. These could be software programs, other ebooks, membership sites, or services that fall into the same category or market as your book.

Find at least 3 products like this that offer an affiliate program. Now, include your affiliate links inside your book. I like to do this be including "tips" throughout my books. For example, if I were writing an book about selecting a quality web host, I would discuss a few of these qualities and then include a tip such as: "Tip #1: If you are looking for a web host that supports PHP be sure to check out ...", where I would include an affiliate link to my favorite web host.

I also like to include an "Additional Resources" section at the end of my ebooks with brief descriptions or mini-reviews of several products and my affiliate link.

Third, you will need to include some references to your own back-end sale products. Since you've already set yourself up as an expert in your field you can plug your own products and services without offending your audience. I typically do this by including a short bio about me with a link to my website or a particular product. You can also do this by including your own products and services in your "Resources" chapter.

Finally, you must never simply give away your ebook by giving people a download link! In order to get a copy of your book visitors to your site should be required to sign up for your mailing list. By using this simple technique you are going to build a mailing list very quickly.

You will profit from this list over and over again by sending them offers about related products and services. I like to do this by sending out my newsletter once a week. Each newsletter includes a review or recommendation about a product that I sell or that I get paid a commission on.

If you apply these few simple principles to your ebook, you can give it away to everyone that visits your website and still make money. Giving away your ebook not only builds your list but it builds a relationship with your prospect that will ultimately lead to more sales.
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