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More Effective Prospecting

Aug 19, 2008
Picture yourself on the phone making your dials. Dial, answering machine. Dial, owner not in. Dial, another machine! And just when you think the hour was a waste of time, a decision maker hops on the line and you say, "Hello, Mr. Smith, this is..."

It can be exciting when someone actually picks up the other end of the phone, right? After about 5 minutes of selling everything your company offers, the gentleman replies, "Your services really sound terrific. Would you please send me some additional information that I could look over, then call me next week?"

Typically there are two knee-jerk reactions made by the rookie and even veteran sales professional. First, is to believe that the person you just spoke to is sold and that your brochure will solidify the deal. Second, is to know that they will never really look at your information, but you send it anyway, because they asked for it. Either way, you are investing valuable time and money for very little, if any reward.

Here are three suggestions to get around this time-wasting routine. Remember they asked you, "Please send me some information about your services?"
For this exercise, I will be the new and improved "you" on the call.

1. "Mr. Smith, I would be happy to send you some literature about our services. (pause) In my experience Mr. Smith, I know that you are busy, and will probably set the package on the corner of your desk and never get around to really look through it. Would it be possible instead to meet face to face for 20-30 minutes in the next few weeks? This way, I could introduce myself to you in person and we could go over the specifics of our solutions at that time."

2. "Mr. Smith, that sounds great. I'll tell you one problem though: Our services are so deep in content that it would probably cover half your desk. What I have found works more efficiently is to meet in person for about 20-30 minutes and go over what specific challenges you are facing. Then we can decide together if there is a reason to move forward or not."

3. IF YOU HAVE TO SEND SOMETHING before the appointment then ask, "What specifically are you looking to see?" Send them the bare minimum of information and tell them, "I am sure you will find something in the package that may not apply to your situation. My hope is that you won't use that as a reason to have second thoughts about meeting with me next week."

The key here is DO NOT send out information about your business. You are in a much better position getting the appointment and building a relationship first. Remember, your fancy brochure Isn't going to build the relationship for you, only you can do that.
About the Author
With 16 years of sales and business development experience, Steve and his staff of coaches have worked in over 50 different industries, training companies to dramatically improve their sales. Currently, Mr. Fretzin is the President of 4 businesses in Deerfield, IL.
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